3 exercises for daily self-confidence

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With the digital age, social networks take precedence over human relations and reflect an often biased image of individuals. As a result, many of us tend to devalue ourselves or compare ourselves to others. How to regain morale? La Loge Beauté reveals 3 exercises to help you regain all the self-esteem and confidence you deserve.

Instagram , Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter are real social showcases. These applications certainly allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones, but it is above all a way to expose the moments of our life that we want to show. Only sometimes, the effect can be counterproductive, since the successes of some can send us back to our own failures or our disappointments. So rest assured, with the right tips, you can regain your self-esteem.

3 ways to regain self-confidence

1- Thank yourself, congratulate yourself

Every night when you’re in the bathroom, try to take five minutes just for yourself. Looking at yourself in the mirror, list all the things you accomplished during the day, then congratulate yourself. It may seem silly to you at first, and yet … By stopping to think about the negative and only listing the positive, you will be proud of yourself! And by dint of being, you will change your opinion of yourself. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to regain self-confidence.

Always in front of the mirror, you can try to challenge yourself! But be careful, the most important thing is to do things for you. In this case, don’t try to please anyone. For example, if you really want to lose weight, exercise for 20 minutes a day. And congratulate yourself every night for keeping that commitment. All the goals achieved are great victories, so hang in there and above all love yourself.

thank you

2- Get to know your qualities

Are you able to list all of your qualities in a completely objective way? Funny, intelligent, smiling, resourceful, talented, loyal, charismatic…? Take a paper and a pen, then write them down, without false modesty. Let go, you will be the only one to know the existence of this list! And above all, don’t forget to complete it, every time someone close to you or someone you know gives you a compliment. You will find that you have a lot more qualities than you thought.

Then write down your flaws. Daily, you will try to improve one. Regaining self-confidence also means becoming aware of your weak points and gradually remedying them, by throwing yourself small challenges, in order to succeed in surpassing yourself.

Learn to list your qualities

3- love yourself physically

To regain self-confidence, it is not enough to be aware of your qualities, you must also learn to love yourself physically!

Do you find yourself too round? Too thin ? Too big ? Too small ? With a too big nose? Too thin lips? Shoulders too broad? Rest assured, all women have complexes and envy the physique of others. Yet all women are beautiful! You are beautiful !
You just have to be able to see yourself as you really are, objectively, by making your imperfections your unique asset. Be yourself, you will be irresistible, be sure!

Learn to love yourself

To help you, you can do a very simple little exercise. You just have to ask your loved ones for help and post a photo in your home where they think you are pretty. As you learn to see yourself daily and find yourself beautiful too, you will gradually succeed in accepting and loving yourself. And there is nothing better to regain self-confidence!

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