4 ideal destinations for an unusual weekend with the family!

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After this long period of confinement where we were away from those we love: what better than a weekend with our loved ones to relax and meet again? And who says exceptional period, says extraordinary places. La Loge Beauté reveals 4 extraordinary destinations for an unusual family weekend! 

Top 4 places for an unusual weekend with the family! 

1- Le Cerza Safari Lodge *** 

Located in Herminal les Vaux, in Calvados (14), 30 minutes from Deauville, this 60-hectare life-size zoo gives you the delicious impression of being in the heart of South Africa. 

And for good reason, inspired by the most beautiful African reserves, you will find hundreds of animals in virtual freedom in an idyllic setting. In Safari tents, in Zoobservatories or in Lodges, it’s up to you to choose your accommodation! One thing is certain, this unusual family weekend will remain etched in your memories. 

So, does that tell you? Go to the Family Trip website to book your stay. 

Giraffe in the savannah

2- Escape to a tipi 

Do you want to live a unique experience with your family? If you took your children to spend a few nights in a Tipi!  Without electricity or running water, you will feel like you have stepped back in time, living years back in Indian times.
And after spending an extraordinary night, you can enjoy the various family activities, such as cycling, canoeing or even Stand-up Paddle! 

One thing is certain, this stay will allow you to recharge your batteries and spend pleasant moments in the heart of nature, with your family.  To book your weekend, go to the Nature Evasion website ! 

Escape to a tipi 

3- The Cabane du Pont de l’Ignon

For a getaway with your other half, how would you like to spend a few romantic days in an unusual setting, in the middle of nature? On the program, cozy, romantic, unusual and atypical atmosphere! This is exactly what the Cabane du Pont de l’Ignon offers, with its high-end concept. You will spend one (or more) night (s) at a height of one meter, in a cabin in the heart of nature, in a spirit that is both chic and relaxed. 

And to please you, the hosts have put the small dishes in the big! The design decoration is signed Philippe Starck, Kartell and many others. 

Little more: you can also enjoy an ecological Spa with your better half, to recharge your batteries in depth and fill up with good energy. And if luck is with you, you can enjoy a magnificent starry sky, tasting a delicious bottle of Chablis.

Are you convinced? Visit the Cabane en l’Air site , to experience a unique, exceptional and atypical weekend ! 

Tree house

4- Hôtel des Pirates **** 

In the heart of Champagne, 200 meters from the Nigloland amusement park, is a unique and out of the ordinary hotel: that of the pirates! In a setting worthy of the greatest films, enjoy a unique stay, to give your children an unforgettable moment. It will also be an opportunity for you to rediscover your youth, for a few nights. So go for it, you will love it. 

Pirate ship for an unusual family weekend

To book your stay, go to the Family Trip website ! 

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