5 easy ways to beautify your hair with coconut milk

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In recent years, coconut milk has been on the rise. In addition to delighting your taste buds by slipping onto your plates, it has found a place of choice in cosmetics. Thanks to the minerals and vitamins it naturally contains, it nourishes and strengthens the hair in depth. But you still have to know how to apply it correctly. La Loge Beauté gives you 5 easy ways to beautify your hair with coconut milk . 

While some women want to put glitter in their life, others prefer to put coconut milk in their hair routine! We explain how to sublimate your hair, bringing shine, vitality and radiance, thanks to this 100% natural product. 

The different ways to beautify your hair with coconut milk 

1- A detangling of choice 

It is no coincidence that many conditioners contain coconut… It is ideal for detangling hair. 

For best results, apply coconut milk all over your dry hair . Start from the roots and work your way down to the tips. Then, let your hair sit for half an hour under a towel, before brushing them (or untangling them with your fingers). And presto, voila! You will see, your hair has never been so well disentangled. 

2- A hair growth accelerator 

Want to have hair as long as Princess Rapunzel’s, in a snap? Bet on coconut milk. Like a magician, he promotes hair growth. Apply it to dry hair and leave it on overnight. By doing it regularly, you will find that your hair will grow a little faster each month. 

3- Coconut milk: a nourishing mask 

As Wikipedia explains , this milk is a delicious liquid, prepared from the pulp of a coconut. Thanks to the minerals and vitamins it naturally contains, coconut milk is a great ally to nourish the hair and hydrate it deeply. 

Combine half a cup of coconut milk, a ripe avocado and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in one bowl. Apply the mixture all over your hair for an hour, and rinse with lukewarm water, before shampooing twice. Your hair will be unrecognizable and deeply nourished.

Nourishing hair mask

4- A softening treatment for the scalp 

In tropical countries, women use coconut milk as a remedy for many ailments. And among its benefits, it can repair an irritated scalp. To do this, you need to heat the milk slightly in a saucepan. Immerse your hands in it, and gently massage your head with your fingers, until you soak your scalp. Then go to the shower and wash your hair normally. You will see, you will no longer have the feeling of tightness. 

5- A treatment bringing vitality and radiance 

When used as a hair care product, coconut milk brings vitality and thickness to your hair. For a result that meets your expectations, soak your hair from root to tip, and wait 3 hours before rinsing with lukewarm water. 

If you are short on time, apply it as a treatment before your shampoo. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash your hair normally afterwards. After a few weeks, your hair will be visibly thicker and full of vitality! Pretty good as a miracle cure, right? 

Coconut milk to bring vitality and radiance
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