6 embarrassing things you do with your other half!

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The first months with our jules are idyllic! We make ourselves beautiful, we get ready, we are slightly on reserve sometimes … In short, we are always on top! But the more time passes, the more we let go. La Loge Beauté has made you its top 6 embarrassing things that we do as a couple! 

Some time ago, you decided to take the plunge and settle down with your other half! Will you be able to recognize yourself through these different situations as embarrassing as they are funny? 

Top 6 embarrassing things in a couple 

1- Go to the bathroom with the door open 

Once you live together, you have to share a lot, and your intimacy gradually disappears! Including during times in the bathroom … And if for a little wee, you left the door open, while discussing from one end of the apartment to the other, when you do the big commission, that’s another story ! Even if you ask your sweetheart to put on some music or to occupy themselves, they will know what you are doing. Rather annoying at first … 

Moment gênant Britney Spears

2- Pierce the buttons on the other 

When you’re with someone, it’s for the best, but also for the worse. And if your companion has white pimples on his body, he may be asking you to pierce them. Even if you don’t gleefully do it, you will have to stick to it. Oh, love… 

3- (sometimes) put aside hair removal 

At the start of a relationship, your partner can enjoy your smooth legs and flawless eyebrows no matter what. Then time passes … With the routine and the amount of things you have to do on a daily basis, hair removal is sometimes taken over. And it is not impossible that your man will come and give you a little hugs on the sofa, and that you are not on top of the best! But don’t worry, when he truly loves you, a few little hairs won’t stop him. 

(Sometimes) put aside hair removal 

4- Don’t understand anything about the film 

It’s been a few days since your partner told you about a movie he absolutely wants to watch with you on Netflix . Unfortunately for him, this last one does not interest you absolutely… Despite all the efforts to try to follow, somehow, your thoughts wander, and you absolutely do not manage to understand the story. As a result, your other half takes you for a fool. Phew, the ridiculous does not kill !! Tell yourself that you will do better next time! 

To understand nothing at all in the film 

5- Being in trouble after a drunken evening 

After a delicious evening with friends, you go home with your loved one. The only problem: you overdo the cocktails a bit. 

The end of the evening, which promised to be romantic, ends above the toilet bowl. Your Jules is by your side to bring you water and hold your hair. A little awkward, right? Rest assured, this has happened to all of us at least once … 

To be in bad shape after a drunken night 

6- Try to fart or burp discreetly… Without success! 

Farting and burping, it’s not glamorous at all… But it’s human! Although you want to look good and remain feminine in the eyes of your sweetheart, one day you may miss it. Even if the situation is rather embarrassing, laughter is the best way to put on a good face and play down. 

And you, what was the most embarrassing moment that you have experienced as a couple?

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