A few simple steps to make your hair grow faster

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Your hair seems too short, you want more length in a minimum of time? First of all, you should know that to obtain an optimal length, everything goes through a deep reinforcement of your scalp.  In-depth treatment, food supplements and tips from grandmothers, the Beauty Lodge gives you its best advice to have dream hair and make your hair grow faster! 


Keratin, coconut, argan, all will have a specific functionality for your hair . An important tip, choose the right product for optimal results in no time. Some will be invigorating others tonic! After each shampoo, be sure to apply a conditioner. We have tested some of these brands especially for you. 

The Nicky Paris range , a recent brand that has proven itself to many customers. In terms of results, the mud-based shampoos promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss have been miraculous for some of you. For smaller budgets, the ‘ricin oil’ shampoo and conditioner from “arganicare” enriched with castor oil get a 5/5 and show their immediate effects on the hair. 

It is therefore important to choose your treatment carefully so as not to brutalize your hair system. Ladies, however, make sure to space your washes as much as possible, as this attacks the scalp and will have the opposite effect sought.

woman shampooing herself


First and foremost, to achieve long, soft and healthy hair ladies, you need to treat your problem thoroughly. 

Eat healthy

We can’t repeat it enough, but eating healthy will be the key to having a lioness mane. Favor all foods composed of proteins and omega3s such as oily fish such as salmon, herring…
Not only will these be good for your figure but also your best ally for hair growth. Serve them with green vegetables preferably, full of Vitamin A and C which will give an extra boost. 

Focus on food supplements

Second basic treatment, in addition to regulating your diet, you can possibly bet on food supplements. One of the best known, brewer’s yeast.
In capsules, powder or even in an ampoule, this natural probiotic rich in minerals will be your number one beauty asset!

For those of you who could not stand brewer’s yeast any longer, substitutes have arrived on the market. Do you know Forcapil, Luxéol? It’s time to get started. Mainly composed of zinc, they are a backup solution and a supplement to your diet. They will allow you to see your hair grow several inches in just 3 months.
A good deal you tell me. But here again it is necessary to be able to obtain them, because the prices are not accessible to all.

eat healthy

Miracle oils

A good natural and healthy alternative that has been around forever. Walnut oil, garlic oil or castor oil are the three key words for dreamy hair. With its nourishing properties, coconut oil will hug your hair in depth and fight against hair loss. A capital point in hair maintenance. As simple as that you just need to make a mask on dry hair a few hours before shampooing. Let them soak wrapped in a preferably warm towel. 

Walnut oil like coconut oil, has restorative and softening properties that will allow you to strengthen hair and improve hair growth! 

Your third friend will be castor oil, known for its nutritional properties, it contains ricin-oleic acid which will act as an anti-bacterial. But above all, it is number one in terms of healthy and rapid hair growth. Best combo, pair it with garlic oil and you will work wonders! 

Tip : mix a few drops of castor oil, a few drops of garlic oil and chopped pieces of garlic and leave on your hair for 30 to 40 minutes before washing.

hair oils

Grandma’s Tips

Have THE right brush! 

If you are looking for a bit in your grandmother’s cupboards, you will inevitably find a brush with black and coarse bristles. Bingo! It’s a brush made from wild boar bristles, or the remedy for dreamy hair.

Conversely, a classic plastic brush will tend to weaken your scalp and even cause reactions, for the most fragile. This will in no way promote the growth of your hair. The boar hair or silk hair will allow you to untangle your mane while softness. 

woman brushing her hair

Go to the hairdresser

A second piece of advice, we won’t say it enough, but yes, you have to cut your hair. Removing 2 to 3 centimeters every three months will greatly promote the growth of your hair.  Not obvious, but we promise the result is incredible! 

Opt for the silk square

Last little tip from the grandmothers, the unstoppable silk scarf. Used for dozens of generations, this delicate little piece of fabric will make your hair look amazing. Believe in our experiences! As easy as it sounds, you just need to wrap it around your head overnight. Thus, it will protect your hair, limit the friction against the sheets and therefore the possible breakage of your ends. 

You know, grandmothers are always right when it comes to little beauty tips always listen to them. Hop hop hop! It’s time to apply it all, you will have Rapunzel-like hair in no time! To your brushes! 

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