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You’ve probably heard it regularly: laughing is good for your health . But have you ever thought about doing a Laughter Yoga session to be in top form ? Close-up on this trend, straight from India !

Laughter Yoga, what is it?

More than a branch of yoga , the Laughter Yoga (or Hasya Yoga) is a concept both single and revolutionary . Behind this crazy idea lies a man: Madan Kataria , a physician originally from Mumbai.
And although he opened his first club in laughter the 13 May 1995 , the phenomenon is still relatively unknown in France and in Europe .

However, thousands of clubs were born in the world , and are present in more than 105 countries . The idea is to laugh as much as possible for no particular reason, to relax and work on your breathing ! And if you’re not the laughing ace , don’t panic! The scientists have shown that your laughter, whether spontaneous or simulated has the same effects for your head and your body .

Where does this idea?

Dr. Kataria started with a simple observation . He realized that his merry patients heal faster and better than those who were sad and tired . In addition, over a ditch patient, the less it has to mild infections such as a cold, flu or sore throat. And most importantly, its rate of stress will be greatly reduced. Sure of his idea, he closes his medical office and decides to travel around the world with one goal in mind: to create laughter clubs around the globe.

Laughter Yoga, for whom?

Well it’s simple for anyone looking to have a good time in the joy and good humor . Big, small, shy, open, stubborn, temperamental, and even without any sense of humor , you are all welcome to meetings !

And slowly the laughter sessions found a prominent place in societies.

At school

Across the globe, in India , many schools begin the day with 10 minutes of laughter class and end up with 5 minutes of laughter in the evening.
For teachers, there is ”  very positive change in the general atmosphere  .” Similar initiatives are emerging on the other side of the Atlantic, mainly in New York and in Minnesota . And you, anyone?

In prisons

Prisons follow the path of the schools . And Laughter Yoga is implanted in the penitentiary centers in Europe, the US and India. The overall atmosphere is better and the prisoners say they appeased and much more positive . And besides, they get along much better with each other and with supervisors .

For the disabled

Whether you have physical and / or mental disabilities , laughter can increase your motor and expression skills ! And above all, since laughter is good for your health and morale, you will feel much better. And that is priceless .
In addition, laughter will strengthen your immune system and relieve your pain . You will be a 100% winner .

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