Barking Dog: Causes, Solutions, Prevention

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You have just welcomed a new companion into your home. Unfortunately, after the first days of novelty, you realize that your dog began barking more and more.

What is the cause of this behavior ? How to prevent it? Is that bad ?

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Dog barking: What is barking?

The barking of the dog is manifested by the contraction of its vocal cords. Along with body postures, it represents the dog’s main means of communication.

Therefore, it is intentional and above all intended to convey a message to those around you , whether they are made up for other animals or human beings.

Some breeds and dogs bark more than others depending on the character and education of each.

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A barking dog can become a noise problem for you as well as for your neighborhood (which in some cases will not hesitate to send you a formal notice or even call the Police).

This is why you will have to be very vigilant and carefully observe the puppies in the pet store or at the breeder in order to make the right choice and thus avoid many problems later.


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Why does a dog bark?

A barking dog can do so for several reasons:

  • to attract attention or signal its presence
  • to warn of the presence of an intruder (guard dog) or prey (hunting dog)
    in the excitement of the game
  • out of fear: facing a noise or a stranger.
  • this fear turns very quickly into a threat to show his boredom: the dog does not have enough games or physical activity
  • manifest a behavioral disorder: hyperactivity, anxiety, relationship problem.

One of the causes of a dog barking excessively: HS / HA syndrome

Hypersensitivity-hyperactivity syndrome is a problem of self-control that is normally acquired around the age of 6 weeks. If your dog has it, it can be dangerous in the presence of the elderly or children.

This syndrome is mainly caused either by incomplete mothering (the mother could not take care of her baby for multiple reasons ranging from weaning too early to too many litter) or by brain dysfunction.

Its characteristics are:

  • a lot of oral activity: the dog has destructive behavior (biting or chewing any object within reach)
  • failure to control excitement during play: the dog may bump into or push the person playing with him. He doesn’t know how to stop
  • sleep problems: the dog sleeps little, is always active in reaction to the slightest noise or outside movement
  • attention deficit: compulsive behavior, inability to concentrate when training
  • emotional problems: phobia, separation anxiety …

A barking dog can therefore suffer from this syndrome and will require special attention.

An element is often forgotten in the education process

Educating your animal is good, but it is imperative to think about Doing it the right way.

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The different solutions

dog that barks a lot is never a trivial thing.

Before wondering how to stop him from barking, consult your veterinarian to rule out any pathological problems, especially hypothyroidism, often confused with HS-HA syndrome.

Once the cause of the barking has been identified, it will always be easier to find a suitable solution. Whether it is through a dog trainer, or a simple training that you can do from home.

Responding well to a dog that barks too much

Never yell and keep calm. Never punish . Instead, use the technique of positive reinforcement with a reward (treat, pet, or vocal encouragement) to give each time your dog obeys your order to stop barking.

Gradually remove the reward until the dog obeys the first command.

Correct unwanted behavior

In order to make learning the expected behavior more fun, you can also resort to using a clicker to train a dog that barks too much.

Also remember to divert his attention by playing. Be careful, this technique only works with dogs that do not bark to attract attention.

If this is the case with the animal, try to ignore it by reminding yourself that even if you reprimand it, your dog will think of this as showing attention and will therefore continue to have this annoying behavior.

CAUTION : Bark collars or Bark control boxes should NOT be a number 1 solution to barking.

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Barking dog: what to do if it fails

If, however, you cannot stop your dog from barking, do not hesitate to contact a trainer or a behaviorist.

Or take advantage of the advice and training method, this very rich training will undoubtedly allow you to find explanations AND relevant solutions for you and your dog.

Dog training reminders

This is of course fundamental. Some rules must be followed:

  • do not encourage the barking or the biting of your dog
  • expose your dog to all outside noises from an early age
  • quickly teach him obedience to your orders , especially to stop barking (“silence”, “stop barking” …)
  • gradually get him used to loneliness by going away from the room where they are for a few minutes and then gradually extending this time

If your dog was separated from his mother too young, do not hesitate to put him in contact with an older animal who will know how to complete his education.

Avoid negative conditioning with punishment or yelling.

In the case of HS-HA syndrome, there are drug treatments with a minimum duration of 6 months. These can only be prescribed by a veterinarian and should be used as a last choice.

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