Best escape games in Paris: the top 6!

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In recent years, the escape game has been on the rise. La Loge Beauté makes you discover the 6 essential rooms of the capital, to have a good time, with family or friends. Zoom ! 

Born in the 2010s in the land of the rising sun, the escape game (or “escape game” in French) is a real social phenomenon. All over the world, young and old alike are having a great time meeting the challenges of this essential game, halfway between the treasure hunt and the Cluedo. History, adventure, series … The hardest part will be choosing which one to try. 

The 6 best Paris escape games! 

1- Exodus project at the Louvre museum 

How about discovering the Louvre, as you’ve never seen it before? In any case, this is what this extraordinary escape game offers. 

The principle: You learn that during the Second World War, works were hidden. And according to legend, the only way to get them back would be through the gate of time. It’s up to you to collect as many clues as possible in the Richelieu wing and other rooms in order to find them. 

Do not worry if you have trouble getting started, an actor will be discreetly by your side, to guide you in case of need.  Art lovers or curious, you want to try the experience? Meet at rue de Rivoli, to take up the challenge. 

Louvre Museum 

2- The plane crash 

Phobic of the plane refrain! In a setting that is larger than life, you are about to embark for London, aboard an Airbus A320. If on the surface everything seems normal, you will quickly realize that you will have to redouble your efforts and tips to avoid the crash!
Are you ready to embark? Meet at The Game, rue Cardinal-Lemoine, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. 

Sky view from an airplane

3- Game of Stones

If you liked Game of Thrones, then you will love the Game of Stones experience. Immersed in the heart of the setting of the Iron Throne of the mythical HBO series, you will have to solve a whole bunch of riddles, puzzles and do various and varied manipulations to unite the different kingdoms. The goal ? Prevent an unprecedented war from breaking out!
Will you be ready to take up the challenge? But rest assured, even if you haven’t seen the series, you will have a blast!  Little extra: Are you new to the subject? This room is ideal for a first escape game, with family or friends. 

Meet at the Victory Escape Game , at 21 rue de la Victoire. 

Game of throne series map

4- Da Vinci 

Inspired by Dan Brown’s bestseller, this escape game will delight lovers of challenges. Designated as the best burglars in the capital, you are sent to the Louvre, to find the trail of the Grail, hidden within the walls of the museum.

And good news for you: the video surveillance was disabled for 1 hour. Do not get distracted and stay focused, you will have to redouble your tips to get by! 

Come to Phobia , 127 rue Jeanne-d’Arc in the 13th arrondissement, for an incredible experience. 

5- Atlantis 

What if you yourself were the heroes of the must-see film Atlantis? This is what this brand offers, created by blogger Rémi Prieur. 

With your team of explorers, immersed in the emblematic setting of the City of Atlantis, built on the side of a volcano. You have one hour to complete your mission: find a fragment of Orichalcum, this unique metal in the world, created by the Atlanteans. But hurry, before the volcano explodes. 

See you at the Majectic! 2 rue Française, in the first arrondissement. 

escape room d'un escape game

6- The patient in room 8

Are you looking for an atypical experience? Come and discover the escape game for the patient in room 8. 

The principle: you are in the shoes of a patient, locked in a psychiatric hospital. And you learn that another patient has already managed to escape before. In turn, you have 70 minutes to try to escape from this almost empty room, before being abused by the doctors.  But be careful, until the last minute, you will not be out of the woods. So be vigilant. 

Designed by Florent Steiner and Guillaume Natas, this adventure is to be experienced at Epsilon Escape, near Strasbourg Saint-Denis. 

Room of a psychiatric hospital
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