Best Tiktok Adspy Tools in 2023

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TikTok has experienced unprecedented growth since its launch in 2016. It quickly gained popularity and expanded its user base exponentially. With its addictive and engaging content, the platform attracted millions of users worldwide, propelling it to become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

In the recent years with the the pandemic and the rise of e-commerce businesses, TikTok has emerged as a crucial platform for e-commerce and dropshipping. Businesses and entrepreneurs have recognized its marketing potential and utilized its vast user base to promote their products. TikTok’s emphasis on short, visually captivating content allows brands to showcase their products in a creative and engaging manner.

in this post, we will cover the best adspy tools that supports Tiktok so you can check and analyze the top performing products and ads in this platform…we will cover :

  • a brief summary about each tool.
  • the price.
  • and our personnel recommendations.

1) Minea :

This tool uses Ai to find ads across social media platforms such as Facebook, pinterest and Tiktok of course, it allow you to :

  • find ads giving you all informations needed such as engagements, dates, gender and age of the audience.
  • analyze competitors stores to find their ads and their top winning products.
  • it can provide you with influncers ready to work with you no matter the niche you are in.
  • daily top 10 winning products list in your dashboard.
  • and many other e-commerce features .

Pros :

  • It is an all-in-one tool
  • It saves time
  • It has a chrome extension that enables its usage on smartphones
  • Up-to-date with the latest products
  • It is affordable compared to other Adspy tools

Cons :

  • It only has one user
  • Not suitable for digital products

Price :

The free account is more than enaugh if you are willing to just spy on facebook ads, but in order to see the full potential of this tool you will need the Premium subscription…and believe me it’s totally worth it.


PiPiads can be another TikTok-quality advertising platform. This TikTok spy feature will help you to find products that are highly trafficked.

PiPiads has been researched to be currently the World’s best TikTok advertising Platform.

With this TikTok spy tool, you can find products with a record of attracting high traffic.

The platform’s interface has an icon where you can easily access the winning products.

PiPiads help you to run creative ads, monitor them, and also spy on your competitors’ ads and strategies.

With this, you will be able to see how others that have been in the business are doing theirs.

This will save you the stress of figuring out what to do from scratch.

Apart from this, spying on your competitors’ ads helps you to observe what they are not doing well and leverage those lapses.

You can see their analytics (views, likes, and percentage performance) and the duration of the ads.

If they have scheduled upcoming ads, you get to see that as well.

More importantly, PiPiads provides quality ad materials that can serve as a blueprint for running your TikTok ads.

It keeps you updated about the latest ad trends and information and also guides you through selecting the best niche for your eCommerce business.

One other thing that makes PiPiads stand out is its Shopify tool extension. There, you can monitor your sales as they are being made (live sales)


  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed Ads analysis
  • Quality Ads material
  • Available Online Support
  • Free trial


  • Limited Free Access
  • Costly Plan

Prices :

3) BigSpy

BigSpy also allows TikTok to monitor ad campaigns. It is able to perform advanced searches and track, as well as filters. This app offers top charts, lists, and advertising suggestions that make it more useful and easy to use.

The platform has a huge database of various ads. It is often said to be the Adspy platform with the largest ad database.

With Bigspy, you can track and analyze your competitor’s ad traffic and conversion rate.

It would lead you to different statistics that can help you kick-start your marketing campaign.

Bigspy covers a wide variety of niches so irrespective of your niche, there are ads for you there.

You can also filter your search by country, language, platforms, and device types. This will help you narrow down the search for efficient results.

Apart from that, Bigspy helps you to see products that are ranking high and currently trending.

This will also help in the right selection of products for your e-commerce store.

When you start your marketing campaign, Bigspy will help you to keep track of your ads.

You can monitor the daily performance of the ads. With this, you will not miss out on important data on the ads.

Bigspy does not just work with TikTok alone.

It also works with other 6 biggest social platforms – Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo.


  • Huge Database
  • Detailed Search and Analysis
  • Multi platforms
  • Unlimited featured Ads
  • Marketing Intelligence


  • Limited free access
  • Huge gap in prices

Prices :

if you are very serious about dropshipping and e-commerce than this is the best adspy there is.

Conclusion :

every tool has it weaknesses and strength, if we can resume this blog post and we hope you found it useful than it will be in this simple table :

Spy ToolPricesBest For
MINEA0-99 eurosSmall And new entrepreneurs
PIPIADS77 – 263 US Dollarsmedium to large dropshippers
BIGSPY9 – 3600+ US DollarsAdvanced entrepreneurs and big companies
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