Crying: between emotional intelligence and benefits for the body!

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Life is not a long quiet river. There are times that are difficult to overcome, and some negative emotions, such as sadness, disappointment or anger, are extremely difficult to cover up. If you have a tendency to cry to evacuate, rest assured, this is by no means a sign of weakness. Quite the contrary! Explanations.

Crying: a sign of emotional intelligence 

According to popular belief, tears are a sign of hypersensitivity, fragility or even immaturity, since they can recall those of children. However, according to experts, crying has a whole different meaning: it is a sign of emotional intelligence. In any case, this is what psychologist Daniel Goleman advocates . For him, it is defined by an individual’s ability to identify, understand and then manage their different emotions. So, letting your tears flow is a completely normal phenomenon, which allows you to evacuate your sadness, disappointment, sorrow, anger or even joy. Conversely, suppressing your feelings by holding them back is very bad. At one point or another you risk exploding, by dint of keeping everything in you.

The 4 benefits of tears

1- Release toxins 

For Dr. Frey, biochemist and head of the psychiatry department at Ramsey Medical Center, tears are good for the body. And for good reason, they allow the body to release toxins produced by emotional stress. As they are rich in protein, ACTH and prolactin (stress hormones), by flushing them out, you will be doing your mind the most good. And you will instantly feel lighter. 

Release toxins 

2- Help to let go 

When we are sad, angry, disappointed, euphoric or just plain happy: we need to let our tears fall to evacuate. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to let go, to get better later. For Michèle Hosseini, psychologist: ” Crying can lead to questioning and be regenerating “. So if you need it, don’t hesitate to cry, it will do you a lot of good. 

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3- Protect the eyes 

Crying is an extremely important phenomenon for the body, since tears protect the cornea! They lubricate and protect the eyes from pathogens. And since the human body is made to perfection, the tear film contains micro-substances which act as natural antiseptics, to prevent infections. So if you hesitate to cry, tell yourself that you will do good in your eyes!

Protect the eyes 

4- Express your emotions 

Seeing a person cry, you quickly realize that they are moved, sad or disappointed. It is not that you are a diviner, it is simply that through tears, you will express your emotions. In non-verbal language, they are even considered a means of expression. And when the words are too hard to pronounce, the tears can speak for themselves. As Ovid had written: ” Sometimes tears have the virtue of eloquence” .

Now that you know that crying is intelligence and that tears are good for the body, don’t hold back and let go. Believe me, it will do you the greatest good to evacuate.

Fear of others is not inevitable!
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