Detox cure: how to go about it ?!

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After two months spent in confinement , some organisms have tended to gain a little weight! And that’s normal! The preparation of cakes, just to keep busy and to boost morale, has exploded. The detox cure will therefore be a good remedy to set the record straight and start afresh!

Why opt for a detox cure? 

After the fashion trend , the detox cure is a real solution to purify and relieve our body. In the era of stress, pollution and junk food, it will give a boost in energy . Your body can accumulate toxins without being able to eliminate them. The result: your complexion is dull, your complexion is tired and you may be irritable. Industrial products are full of dyes or preservatives that affect your food balance.

It will therefore be essential to resume a healthy lifestyle by avoiding foods that are too rich (cold meats, cheeses, cakes) and by favoring vegetable juices , water or even herbal teas to effectively drain your body and improve the health of your liver . Choose foods rich in vitamins and fiber, and exercise. In short: sweat !!!!

Three juices to achieve a detox cure hands down!

Several juices can allow a real detox of the liver .

Vegetable broths

The green vegetables (spinach, kale, arugula) are especially good for the liver. Soups, juices and broths will remineralize your body and rid your tissues of waste thanks to the enzymes in vegetables. Rich in chlorophyll, green vegetables will purify and oxygenate your blood. Steamed, they will help you fight digestion problems . Simmer vegetables like green beans, zucchini, parsley or even spinach and drink the broth throughout the day.

jus detox vert

Teas or infusions with specific plants

The teas are a wonderful way to hydrate and purify the body. While caffeine-based teas should be avoided as they penalize the cleansing organs and rebalancing processes, some herbs are very effective. This is the case with boldo which stimulates the secretion of bile, facilitates digestion and unclogs the liver .

The dandelion is involved in the elimination of toxins and assists the liver in digestion. The radish-black stimulates the secretion of bile while promoting evacuation. It is very often recommended after overeating. Desmodium, on the other hand, helps to drain the liver and regenerate its cells. Finally, milk thistle will be one of the most effective plants for protecting the liver from certain toxins and stimulating its functioning.

dandelion tea

Note that teatox has become a trendy drink . For several years, the big brands have been reinventing new concepts and this one has been rather very successful! The teatox is a new detox drink resulting from the mix between tea and detox quite simply. These teas or infusions composed only of natural products and plants allow the elimination of toxins from the body. Detoxified, the digestive system is restored and ready to function again.

Lemon juice for breakfast

When you wake up and on an empty stomach, opt for lemon juice . Cut ½ lemon and mix it in lukewarm water. Prefer an organic lemon to stimulate your immune system and eliminate toxins.

lemon juice

It is also possible to make a specific juice still based on lemon but also honey, ginger and turmeric. To do this, cut a few slices of ginger. Squeeze a lemon and pour water into a container. Add the ginger, lemon juice and lemon zest and let heat. Add a spoon of honey and a few pinches of turmeric. It’s up to you to decide if you prefer to drink it hot or rather lukewarm.

Treat yourself and don’t forget to share these DIY recipes with your friends!

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