Dogs and Fireworks, what to do?

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The beautiful days are emerging, summer is back in force, and who says summer says fireworks ! So that’s very nice, but your dog would do without these big thunderstorms power 10!

Here are several elements that should allow you to understand why your dog tends to be scared by these noises (if it is not already very clear to you) , and especially advice to reassure him and calm his panicked behavior during these times!

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Why is my dog ​​afraid of fireworks?

And yes, why? Because we all know that dogs don’t like fireworks, but after all, do we really know why? Come on, I give you some answers:

  • First of all, you should know that, naturally, a dog will be afraid of what he does not know . And clearly, we can not say that the sound of fireworks is usual for a dog (nor for us for that matter) . For this reason, the dog will want to flee the object of his fear to protect himself from the possible danger that results from it.
  • Then, unlike us, the dog does not have the intellectual capacity to anticipate an event. He cannot therefore prepare himself psychologically for fireworks.
  • In addition, when the fireworks are triggered, there is so much resonance that your dog has absolutely no idea where this noise is coming from and especially why is there such a noise. This therefore brings an additional fear and an increasingly present danger.
  • And in addition to not knowing where it comes from, the dog does not have the capacity to say to himself “more than a few minutes and it will be over”. No, he the dog lives in the present moment and sees it as a danger that keeps coming back and never ends .
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Fear in dogs

Dogs who are afraid will express it in a different way, it’s really unique to everyone. By expressing (through various means) their fear, dogs try to calm themselves down and regulate their emotions .

Thus, there are several forms of expression of fear, especially during fireworks:

  • To run away
  • Be aggressive (if the escape is not successful or is prevented)
  • Take refuge in a corner
  • Run about
  • To bark
  • To shiver
  • Get on it

This list is of course not exhaustive, some dogs sometimes show great originality.

However, it will really be necessary to be vigilant when a dog is afraid, whether it is fireworks or some other trigger, because a frightened dog can quickly become aggressive and therefore potentially very dangerous if it is not. is not controlled.

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An element is often forgotten in the education process

Educating your animal is good, but it is imperative to think about Doing it the right way.

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What to do with my dog ​​for the fireworks?

This is why I am offering you today 6 tips and attitudes to put in place (or not to do) when your dog is in the presence of fireworks:

Let’s start with what absolutely not to do!

  • Do not try to reassure your dog by petting him for example . Indeed because the caress is a form of reward and therefore of validation for your dog. In fact, he could interpret your gesture as validation of his behavior stemming from fear. Indirectly, you then reinforce your dog’s fear, at least you make it completely legitimate.
  • Also, do not scold your dog when he behaves in fear of fireworks. Punishing him will only stress him more and it could only aggravate his fear of the fireworks.
  • Never force a dog to attend a fireworks display , it would be torture for him and the fact that he cannot flee could cause him to behave aggressively and therefore dangerous for you but also for all the people who participate at the event.

Now let’s move on to what to focus on during the fireworks display!

  • When the fireworks fire begins, feel free to occupy your dog, distract him, play with him , etc. So that he associates the shots with something rather pleasant. Be careful, this trick will absolutely not be feasible for some dogs who will be too stressed and will therefore not be able to concentrate on anything.
  • Always allow your dog to go hide / seek refuge . Do not prevent him from reassuring himself in a corner that he considers secure.
  • Above all, remember to close doors and windows on the one hand so that the noises of fireworks are slightly reduced if you ever live near the start of the fire and on the other hand so that your dog does not flee. in case of great anxiety. Indeed, it is important to leave the dog the possibility of “running away” from a situation which does not suit him, however, the escape must be made safe!

In addition, be aware that a dog who flees because he is afraid will absolutely not be attentive to cars or other potentially dangerous situations for him. So be sure to secure your dog’s location during the fireworks display.


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In general, if you have a choice, I still recommend that you avoid your dog watching a fireworks display. However, it is possible that you live in a place where, even in your home, the shots of the fireworks are very present and still scare your dog.

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4 tips to get your dog used to fireworks

Here are 4 tips to prepare your dog for fireworks shots or any other noises that can be traumatic for your pooch:

Tip # 1: Get used to it positively

When you adopt a puppy, it is important to make him go through as many events as possible so that he is used to having new experiences by your side and that he ultimately considers them to be non-events. This is clearly the role of good socialization.

And when it comes to unusual noises for which it is difficult to set up desensitization, the internet is your friend!

Find on the internet sounds of thunderclaps, alarms, firecrackers or fireworks, etc. and take them regularly to your home. Do it on a regular basis but over short sessions. Clearly, do not play a soundtrack of firecracker fire for several hours. Instead, do it over a few minutes but repeat this experience as often as possible.

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Above all, the interest here is to pass these sounds without there being “consequences”. Concretely, go about your business by pretending nothing has happened so that your dog can trust your relaxation.

This work can sometimes be tricky for some dogs, so I recommend that you call in a professional dog behavior if you wish to be guided in this process.

Tip 2: Create a place of refuge

Fireworks or not, it is essential that your dog has a place of refuge in which he knows he will be safe and peaceful.

This results in the fact of offering your dog a secure basket, in which he can go to take refuge and calm down.

In order for your dog’s basket to fulfill its function as a place of refuge, you must:

  • that the basket is comfortable
  • that it is placed in a quiet place without too many passages
  • that we never come to disturb him when he is in his basket
  • that there are fabrics in it that smell like you

I invite you to teach him to go to his basket on indication to facilitate possible returns to calm if necessary.

Tip # 3: spend it well

Before a potentially traumatic event for your dog, such as fireworks for example, think about spending your dog well, whether it is physically, mentally and / or olfactory.

First of all, taking him for a walk will allow him to do his business, which is not negligible, especially for doggies who tend to evacuate their stress through messes …

Then, do not forget to spend your dog well also after the traumatic event so that he can let off steam and evacuate the accumulation of anxiety-inducing emotions that he had to endure.

Tip # 4: Help her calm down

Finally, you can also help your dog to calm down before / during / after a traumatic event : either by calling your veterinarian who can prescribe your dog a possible treatment, or by more natural methods such as Bach Flowers or products of the Adaptil brand for example.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from your veterinarian or a dog trainer who can offer you the most suitable solution for your dog.

Final words and important recommendations

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