Dreaming about being pregnant: the different interpretations

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At night we have all kinds of dreams. Some may be realistic, others improbable, but usually they reveal something buried deep within us. This morning, you wake up particularly upset, because you dreamed of being pregnant. Do you secretly want to get pregnant ? Are you unknowingly? Or is it a much more colorful dream? Zoom on the various interpretations of this extraordinary dream! 

Dreaming of being pregnant: to each his own theory! 

If you are looking for a clear and sharp answer, you might be disappointed: there are several interpretations for this dream. They depend on theorists or even on religions and on the meaning that you think is the most correct. Explanations. 

According to Sigmung Freud 

Sigmung Freud 

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In the vision of the Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst Freud, dreaming of pregnancy for a woman would be an almost premonitory dream. But not necessarily in the true sense of the word. Above all, he reveals his desire to build something serious with his man, or even to have a child. Or, if we go even further, it is also the reflection of an Oedipus complex. Like this, deep inside, a woman wanted her father’s child. 

Conversely, if a man has this dream, the interpretation will be different. Rather, it means that he has problems in his private life or that he rejects his masculinity. But beware, if he dreams of his own pregnancy, it is because he is ready to assume his role as a father and to blossom in his family life. 

According to Nostradamus 


For the French author Nostradamus, the interpretation will depend on the age of the person having this dream. It may sound incredible, and yet! 

The dream is made by a virgin or extremely young woman: it is, according to legend, the sign that she will be repeatedly cheated in her life. Conversely, if the latter is more mature, then her life will be happy and prosperous. 

Selon Jung 

Carl Gustav Jung

Another interpretation, that of Carl Gustav Jung! For him, dreaming of pregnancy does not mean your desire for a child, nor that you are going to have one: it is colorful. It is the gestation of inner maturity.  It is especially for this reason that men can dream as well as women. 

Dreaming about pregnancy in Islam 

Islam also has its own theory on the issue! This dream can happen when a couple are actually expecting a child. It reflects their euphoria as well as their concern. But it is not the only reason. It is a dream that heralds change, both in private and professional life. 

According to more modern theories 

In recent decades, a more modern theory has been added to the list and completed some that already exist. It wouldn’t be a real pregnancy but something spiritual. The question is not who you are going to give birth to, but rather what! You will give birth to a project, a desire, or a burden that is too heavy to bear. Anyway, this pregnancy in no way translates a dream with a negative connotation. You just have to take it into account, to move forward in your life, both personally and professionally. 

It’s up to you to see which theory seems most relevant to you! One thing is for sure, having this dream does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. So be reassured and look in your unconscious for the meaning that seems most appropriate and above all, the most correct.

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