Dreaming of death: how to interpret this strange dream?

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Some nights are not easy. And some dreams can be as disturbing as they are realistic. Have you ever dreamed of death ? Far from being pleasant, this nightmare can upset you for several days. But rest assured, the meaning may surprise you. Big plan !

Dreaming of death: a desire for changes in your life

Many theorists and philosophers, such as Sigmund Freud or Carl Gustav Jung have shared their various theories. Some will say that we are running away from our responsibilities, others that we are desperately trying to escape our impulses. One thing is certain, dreaming of death can upset you or even give you a real shock!

Dreams, a journey through time

It is not for nothing that we dream. At night, our bodies continue to live and tell stories. This is why, it is important to know the meaning of our dreams, and to analyze them, to interpret them correctly …

Since, contrary to popular belief, dreaming of death is not a sign of bad omen, and even less of imminent death, as you might think at first glance. On the contrary, according to specialists, it is synonymous with transformation and change.

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The change is now ?

With the passing of time and the various daily worries, your brain sometimes plays sleight of hand! It may be that your dream simply reflects your pent-up urge to make changes in your private or professional life. So if this is your case, take the time to think about what you have, and what you aspire to. A new start might be  considered, what do you think?

Loss of a loved one in their dreams: how to interpret it?

To dream of the death of a loved one and precisely of one of his parents has a completely different meaning. It is a sign of disappointment to come, but not necessarily with the person affected by your dream. It is only your brain, which through this person tells you that something disappointing or unexpected is about to happen.

On the other hand, if you dream about the death of a child, the interpretation is different. It indicates a passage to maturity. It’s an internal change. You evolve by losing in a way, your child’s soul. Changes can take place on a personal or professional level. One thing is for sure, after this dream you will feel grown up.

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Dreaming about a loved one missing

It is arguably the most frequent dream about death. And it can sometimes destabilize you, as the meeting with the deceased seems real. You have the feeling that you can touch her, that you can talk to her, as if he were by your side.

According to theorists, it would be a dream of compensation, a way to fill the gap. A necessary step in the work of mourning, to accept the disappearance of the loved one.

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So, dream or nightmare?

On the whole, dreaming of death does not herald bad news. This can bode well, given that changes are never bad either. On the other hand, it is very rare to dream of your own death. But when this happens to you, amazing as it may sound, it is the bearer of a happy event or luck. What if this is the way to show you the way to go?

Now you know all about the various interpretations of this dream. So rest assured, neither you nor your loved ones are in danger!

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