Everything you need to know to fight against baldness

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It is the fear of many men, and for generations baldness has become a real scourge. But it also affects millions of women every year. The alopecia can be genetic, but also environmental. No worries, taken care of on time, and by adopting the right reflexes, you can limit it. La Loge Beauté explains how to fight against baldness.

There are many methods to deal with this kind of aesthetic problem, and for all budgets! It’s up to you to see which of these suits you best.

The drug, in which case? 

Towards the end of the 1990s, baldness became a real problem for thousands of men.

We have seen the emergence of many medicinal techniques to remedy this, because yes aesthetics are not reserved only for women.

This even becomes a physical “handicap”, to the point of reaching personal and professional life for some. One of the first solutions is called Finasteride , which was probably the most prescribed. Its main action is to slow down the hair loss  process ! A real miracle for the time. By modifying the hormonal signal, this drug allows a significant slowing down. As well as stabilization for many years! However, its virtues are not definitive, and in case of stop, hair loss resumes. 

There are more and more hair experts and specialists, who will be able to guide you towards THE technique adapted to your scalp! 

Minoxidil, can be a different solution, it comes in the form of a lotion that is applied directly to the scalp, daily. Originally to treat hypertension, this fluid causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, thus promoting growth. On the other hand, for the most sensitive, watch out for side effects, which cause local irritation, eczema, etc.

And the transplant, to fight against baldness?

For those who cannot really put up with their baldness, over the past ten years, the transplant has become more democratic and has become the miracle option for some! Also called “micro-graft” this technique is done by careful reimplantation of the hair, one by one … 

Quite simple, these are mini follicular grafts which are taken from the occipital area, located at the back of the head.  Of course, don’t worry, the operation is done under local anesthesia! It will take a few hours, because it must be said it is precision work! 

As for the “after effects”, during the weeks following the operation, small scars will be visible but in no time, they will be covered and camouflaged by the regrowth of the hair!

The results

In the short term, the results are satisfactory and even stunning. On the other hand, many dermatologists agree to say that it is necessary to be attentive to this kind of intervention! It is IMPERATIVE that the practitioner who will take charge of you is an expert! Because what initially had to be an aesthetic intervention can quickly turn into a real nightmare! 

Many patients wishing to pay less, turned to “fake” experts, and came out of there, with holes on the skulls and isolated areas of grafts, no harmony! So beware, and don’t entrust your hair to just anyone! 


Also called platelet rich plasma, it is a very fashionable technique, relying somewhat on the same system as the transplant but in the form of blood plasma. A little disgusting said like that, but we explain it to you.

It therefore consists of injecting blood plasma into the heart of your scalp.
The result is a rather unexpected promise! Slow down hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.

Incredible but true !  On the other hand, this practice is very expensive and unusual, although it even requires several sessions. It is important to know that all this kind of medical or surgical treatments are not reimbursed, if you are in a case of “natural” alopecia. It requires cosmetic surgery.

The skull tattoo in case of baldness

For those who are in total denial, you still have one last alternative! 

The tattoo solution has been around for several years now, and it must be said, it has been successful! And yes ! Everything is possible, however, the only thing we cannot guarantee is pain… Indeed, tattooing is not known to do good! But hey, you know you have to suffer to be beautiful (beautiful).

But how is it going?

It’s very simple, the tattoo of the head amounts to making tiny dots on all the areas to be filled, in order to give an optical illusion. 

A bonus point, the tattoo technique is much cheaper and shorter than a cosmetic operation. Find out more, as more and more clinics are offering this possibility to their clients. 

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