Eye color, does it say a lot about personality?

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The poet Yves le Guern said ”  the eyes are the mirror of the soul  “. And if finally, he was right, and the color of the eyes said much more about your character , than what you could imagine … Explanations! 

But where does the eye color come from? 

It’s a bit technical, but the eye color depends on the amount and type of pigments present in our iris. We call that, phenotypic variations . 

But it is also a hereditary phenomenon , influenced by genes . To put it simply, each gene has two alleles (one from the father, the other from the mother), and these will determine the color of your eyes. 

Far from being trivial, eye color says a lot about you . And mainly on your character traits and your personality , without you even realizing it … 

What science thinks 

According to a study carried out in Sweden, at Orebro University , there is a strong link between character traits and the color of the iris . And for this reason, the genes that determine the color of our eyes are the same as those of our frontal lobe , the conductor of our brain.  But what does the color of our eyes really say about our personality ? 

Blue eyes 

Do you have azure blue eyes? What luck ! In addition to making people jealous, you are very efficient and thorough . Making schedules is your hobby. 

You positively attract attention and sometimes make people envious thanks to your intelligence. But be careful, you are more anxious than the others… So take care of yourself !! 

Brown eyes

This color is very widespread, since 50% of the French population have brown eyes. If you are concerned , you are undoubtedly a very empathetic and loyal person. You also have much better reflexes than people with light eyes. You will also tend to drink less alcohol than others and exercise a lot .

The scientific studies have shown that people with brown eyes with eyes had more melanin . And that’s what develops your emotionality and your sensitivity ! 

Green (or gray) eyes  

They denote an immense charisma and unfailing courage . You are fairly calm by nature, and you love to please others . If you put your skills to work for you, nothing will stop you. But use it wisely ! 

And above all, you are almost unique , since only 2% of the population has green eyes. So be proud of it! 

Hazel eyes

It is the most difficult color to describe . It shows that, like your eyes, you are difficult to pin down . But this mystery will attract the most curious . And generally, by getting to know you, others will be won over by your independence and spontaneity ! 

Mégane Fox eye color

And you, does the color of your eyes match your personality and outline your character? 

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