Falling back in love after a heartache is possible!

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Some ruptures are much more difficult to accept and overcome than others. Not only are you devastated and sadness pervades your whole being, but you also feel like you won’t be able to love again. Rest assured, even if it will take you a while to recover from your heartache, falling in love again is possible! So hang in there. 

Every year, thousands of people find themselves single. Whether it is your decision or not, it is sometimes very difficult to go up the slope, and to open up to new encounters.  Once the pain has passed and the tears have shed, you only want to find someone with whom to share your life. But unfortunately, your ex is still in your head, and the page is hard to turn. La Loge Beauté gives you a helping hand in this complicated period, to help you find your other half! 

3 steps to fall in love again after heartache 

Like to rebuild after a bereavement , to recover from a heartache, you have to follow 3 steps to the letter, more or less consciously. It’s the best way to move forward, and to be happy again. 

1- Face, and accept the situation 

First step in your emotional reconstruction: accept the situation. There is no point in playing the ostrich and veiling your face. You have to see the situation as it is. Whether your ex decided to leave or you left him, it doesn’t matter, the relationship is over. And we have to admit it. 

If you are heartbroken, rest assured, this is completely normal. You need to be sad, cry, and vent. But you should never forget that over time your grief will eventually run out of steam. Being in denial will never help you heal, much less move forward. Realize what was wrong with your relationship to avoid repeating the same pattern in the future and move on. It is not by moping up that you will advance. 

Now, you have to open your eyes , to see all the great opportunities that are presented to you!

Face, and accept the situation 

2- try to meet as many people as possible

To recover from a heartache, there is nothing like going out with friends, to meet new people. It’s a great way to mend a broken heart and get your smile back. There is no secret, moving forward: you have to change your mind. 

As you open up to others, you will discover other personalities, and you might just be won over by someone when you least expect it … Worth a try, right? 

meet as many people as possible

3- Say to yourself: “I have the right to happiness”

After a separation, when you have gone through a long period of sadness, you tend to keep yourself from being happy afterwards. Still, you need to smile and get back to fishing. 

So give yourself a weekend with friends. Go to concerts, to the cinema, to the restaurant… Do whatever can do you good, and what can allow you to see how beautiful life is. And never forget to pamper yourself, take care of yourself and smile. You have the right to happiness.

Now you know how to get over your heartache and meet someone else. And rest assured, if you have suffered in love, it is not that you are cursed, it is simply that life is not a long calm river, and that finding your half is not an easy one to do… 

To be happy

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