Get back in shape in 5 steps!

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It is sometimes difficult to do yourself good! For lack of time or energy, we tend to let ourselves go and our body takes a hit. Especially after this long period of confinement , it is important to find the reflexes to move forward and get back in shape .

How to manage your fatigue?

There are different types of fatigue . The physical fatigue , which may be general or muscle, but also the psychological fatigue . If the first occurs after intense physical exercise or a hectic pace of life, the second is more insidious and more difficult to bear. The nervous fatigue is often due to a lack of sleep or a mental fatigue related to stress and nervousness.

In both these cases, fatigue is physiological. It is a completely normal process but it should not be prolonged in time. It also depends on individual resistance. Either way, fatigue results from too much stress compared to the ability to perform an action or a job. Thus disturbed sleep rhythms, a bad diet or old age can cause more fatigue …

Sleeping woman with her dog

How to get back in shape?

Rest assured, fatigue is not inevitable! Winter, the lack of light or the “metro / work / sleep” lifestyle don’t have to get the better of you. Several reflexes to adopt can help you get back in shape and gain more energy.

1. Watch your diet

Eating a balanced diet can help curb fatigue. Feel free to consume high seasonal produce vitamin C . For example, go for lemons, kiwis or oranges. Favor foods rich in protein such as eggs, meat or fish and use vegetables such as cabbage, carrots or spinach.

watch your diet

2. Promote hydration

Consider drinking 1.5 liters of water per day in addition to a balanced diet. Hydrate your body but also your skin. A good look in a mirror allows you to have better self-esteem and get back in shape!

3. Preserve your sleep

Sleep is essential to be in good shape. You have to learn to keep your rhythm in order to start afresh. Unplug all your electrical appliances: television, computer, telephone, etc. You can even take a 20-minute nap during the day to gain a better daily rhythm.

4. Engage in physical activity

Physical activity will allow you to reduce the feeling of fatigue and increase your energy level. Perform exercises that will do good: walking, running, yoga or stretching to relearn how to listen to your body.

5. Maintain good social relations (even from a distance…!) To get back in shape!

We know that social relations are difficult given the circumstances…! But maintaining quality social relationships will allow you to embellish your daily life and give you more strength. Family, friends or “buddies” will be important to brighten up your life and boost you to move forward!

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Courage to you to overcome this gloomy period. All together, we will be able to find an unstoppable dynamism!

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