How can I teach my dog not to remove her diaper?

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You have a female and you do not want to have her sterilized, either temporarily or permanently. You must therefore manage periods of heat and in particular the losses which can sometimes be abundant.

For this, there are suitable hygienic protections / diapers to collect the losses and not have to systematically go behind the bitch to clean the traces left.

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There are different products but the most effective and practical will be the hygienic panties, particularly recommended for bitches with heavy losses. The panties are used completely with a disposable or washable panty liner which will be placed at the point of loss.

The panties can therefore be used throughout the heat with a regular change of the panty liner.

So all that is very good, it even seems ideal, but how to make sure that the bitch does not remove her diaper. Because we agree: for a bitch, wearing a diaper is not really natural, and it makes sense to have to “teach” him this new behavior !


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Choose the ideal diaper 

In order for your dog to tolerate her diaper, you must first choose one that will be as comfortable and suitable as possible .

For this, I recommend that you choose a layer with a pleasant material such as viscose jersey for example which will be soft and soft. In general, avoid rigid materials which will be unpleasant on a daily basis for your dog.

In addition, also avoid diapers with plastic or metal ties or diapers with hook and loop closures.

The best is to find a diaper that slips on like panties without particular attachments. Favor the most comfort for your dog. For this, you must find the right size that will be suitable for your dog so that the diaper is neither too big nor too small.

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Choose the size of the hygienic diaper 

To make sure you find the right size, you will need to measure your dog’s waist size . Several sites help you find the ideal size depending on your dog’s weight and her measurements.

Also note that some brands offer tailor-made diapers if your dog is between two sizes for example.

However, I recommend that you either acquire a diaper in store in which case you can try the product directly on your dog, or on a specialized site with return/refund/exchange conditions after purchase.

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How to teach your dog not to remove her diaper?

There is the question ! It’s all well and good to find a miracle solution so as not to have to clean everywhere during the heat of your dog, but she still has to accept this accessory, to say the least atypical and unnatural for her.

Step 1 : Get your dog used to the simple “presence” of this accessory. Let her sniff the diaper and praise her profusely when she shows interest in the “object.”

It is important not to go too fast, it is not a question of unpacking the product and putting it on your dog without transition.

The little extra trick is to leave your dog’s diaper in your folded clothes for a few days, for example. Indeed, the diaper will thus absorb the smell of your clothes and therefore your smell and smell a familiar smell can reassure your dog.

Step 2 : You can start to put the diaper on, gently, without sudden movements. You can also give her treats and verbally reward her when she lets it go.

If she recoils or if she does not let it go, remain neutral, do not try to reassure her by stroking her for example because she could see this as a validation of her behavior.

Step 3 : When the diaper is in the right place, play with your dog, divert her attention and offer her an activity that she enjoys so that she eventually forgets that she is wearing a diaper or at least that she assimilates wearing it. the diaper to something nifty.

Step 4 : Above all, the first few times do not leave it on too long: a few minutes are enough. Habituation sessions should be short and repeated regularly.

I recommend that you do not offer her the diaper when she is in heat for the first time. Indeed, work the habituation upstream without there being “urgency” that it carries it.

In addition, during her heat, your dog could have a different behavior such as being more defensive or even aggressive. It will therefore be very important to have her used to wearing a diaper beforehand so that it is like a non-event for her.

Step 5 : As the habituation sessions progress, let your dog not diaper longer, without forcing, at the risk of ruining all the work done.

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What you must remember :

  • The diaper must be comfortable to wear, a soft material and a suitable size
  • Opt for a diaper that slips on, not ties
  • Start by making your dog smell the diaper

Final words and important recommendations

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  • Put the layer on him for short periods but as regularly as possible
  • Do not wait until she is in heat to offer her the diaper for the first time
  • Divert your dog’s attention when she is wearing her diaper and offer her an activity that she loves: games, caresses, treats, etc.
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