How can I teach my dog not to sleep in my bed?

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Whether or not to sleep with your dog is a debate that is regularly fueled by people who clearly do not find it hygienic at all or by others who go above it and find some comfort in this practice.

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong answer to the question : is it good to sleep with your dog . It will depend on your opinion on the matter, your degree of tolerance and especially the state of hygiene of your dog but also his behavior.

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In any case, sleeping or not with your dog must be a choice ! We must not endure a situation that can become problematic on a daily basis. If you do not or more want your dog to sleep with you, this should not be a problem for your dog.

We will therefore see here how to avoid or no longer sleep with your dog.

To each his own place!

First of all, let’s talk about the access to the different “sharing” places for your dog, I am obviously thinking of the bed but also the sofa.

Allowing the bed or sofa for your dog is absolutely not a problem, as long as it is a decision on your part. I come back to this important notion: you must not undergo the behaviors and habits of your dog but initiate them.

In fact, when you adopt a puppy or a dog, you have to decide what you will and will not tolerate . Even though this choice may change over time, the most important thing in dog training is consistency.


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So, if you decide to ban access to places like the bed or sofa, ban it all the time, and if you decide to allow it, ask yourself if you want it to be a place to be. completely free access or an access place only when you decide.

Personally, my sofa and bed are only allowed my dogs when I ask them to come up. This is called, not authorizing, but regulating access.

However, the line between regulating and allowing free access to a space is very thin and sometimes it will be necessary to completely prohibit an access so that there is no overflow and so that you can remain in control of the situation.

Then, the nuance between “not” and “no longer” authorizing access is also important because in one case we educate, in the other we re-educate.

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It will always be easier to teach something to a dog, such as respecting a prohibition for example, rather than relearning it, here in this case we ask him to change his habits, whether they have been taken for a long time or not, c ‘is therefore a change of action plan that must be implemented.

This change can therefore be longer but not impossible for all that, the key is to have a coherent and fair attitude.

dog sleeps in my bed

An element is often forgotten in the education process

Educating your animal is good, but it is imperative to think about Doing it the right way.

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9 tips to teach your dog not to / no longer sleep with you:

Tip n ° 1 : Your dog must have HIS place, his basket, his place of refuge. Whether you sleep with him or not, whether he has access to the sofa or not, he must always have a place and know how to go on your request. Even if it is more often on your sofa or your bed than in its basket, it must have its place! The sofa or the bed will remain places of sharing, which he will not be able to appropriate for obvious reasons of safety! Thus, offer him a basket where he will know that he can never be disturbed when he is there.

Tip # 2 : If you do decide to regulate access to the bed, always be aware that your dog needs to be able to get off when you ask him / her without growling, staying there, or even showing his fangs! If this is the case, it is because your dog considers this place as his and not as a place of sharing and therefore the solution: no access to the bed at all!

Tip # 3 : Know that the dog is an opportunistic animal, so he will go towards what is pleasing to him, without asking too many questions. In fact, if your bed is more comfortable than his basket, he certainly preferred to climb on your bed. So make his basket very comfortable for him to enjoy going there. And conversely, make your bed unpleasant, in the sense that every time he tries to get there, he gets a verbal annoyance from you.

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Tip # 4 : Also, don’t hesitate to hide a few treats in his basket, congratulate him when he goes there, etc. In short: make the action of going in your basket but also the action of staying there very positive!

Tip # 5 : I was talking about consistency at the start, if you decide not to / no longer sleep with your dog: you have to stick to it! Especially if you want to relearn your dog not to sleep with you at all, it will be easier to ban him completely rather than sometimes saying yes and sometimes saying no. So, as soon as your dog gets on your bed, indicate a verbal annoyance such as “hehe” or “no” firmly and ask him to go in his place.

Tip # 6 : Concretely, it even seems appropriate to me to completely ban access to the room. First the door closed, then the door open with a learning process to renounce each time your dog tries to enter this room.

Bonus : It will always be easier to prohibit or stop an intention to do rather than an action already in progress. Thus, anticipate your dog’s attitudes as much as possible. This will be easy, especially if he has acquired habits and you manage to anticipate them and therefore modify them.

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Tip # 7 : At first, sleep with your bedroom door closed, if your dog is crying or barking, ignore him completely. If you talk to him or if you go to see him then, you will only reinforce and validate his behavior.

Tip # 8 : Set it up at night in a smaller room, so it feels more secure than anywhere else in the house. It is often wrong to think that leaving a maximum of space to a dog when he is alone secures him and makes him more serene, and on the contrary, the more space he has, the more vulnerable he will be.

Tip # 9 : Teaching your dog to sleep alone is like teaching him to stay alone without stress, so make sure to teach him that being alone: ​​it’s great! By leaving him a comfortable basket, leaving him toys, etc. You can also leave him an item of clothing that has your scent so that he feels soothed and reassured your olfactory “presence”.

Final words and important recommendations

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