How do I teach my dog ​​not to beg at the table?

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Your dog begs at the table and it becomes unmanageable? Have you almost had to add extra cover for your dog at the table? You are tired of his incessant and especially insistent requests when you eat? You are right, this behavior is unacceptable!

Here are all our top tips to make your meals more enjoyable and your dog to respect this moment, just for you, that you don’t necessarily want to share with him.

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Have a consistent attitude on a daily basis

First of all, it’s not about forcing your dog not to beg only when you are at the table.

Indeed, all requests for attention, whatever they may be, should be banned. Quite simply so that you regain control and initiative over the contacts you have with your dog.

And to do this, you must be consistent on a daily basis and systematically ignore all requests for attention from your doggie: asking for food, hugs or even a play session.

Be careful, all members of the family and in general all the people that your dog meets must also adopt this attitude.

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Control the “food” resource

If your dog has a habit of eating every time he is hungry, it is normal for him to take your food as well.

So, I recommend that you feed your dog once or twice a day, leave the bowl for a maximum of 20 minutes. At the end of this period, finished bowl or not, remove it, you will offer it to the next meal.

Regarding the timing of the meals, I do not recommend giving at a fixed time because the dog could get into a “dangerous” routine and become unmanageable as the meal times approach. So give at various times.

You can feed it before you (minimum 1 hour before) or after you.

An element is often forgotten in the education process

Educating your animal is good, but it is imperative to think about Doing it the right way.

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Ignore and then initiate

You need to make your dog understand that when he gives up, he wins something. So, when your dog begs, turn his back to him, ignore him completely (do not talk to him, do not look at him and especially do not touch him).

Ignoring is very important because even if you give your dog attention to scold him, he will still think of it as responding to his request.

Once ignored as soon as your dog has moved on, there you can call him and suggest an activity he enjoys (treats, petting or game, the choice is yours) .

Be careful, however, do this for all daily contact requests. However, during the meal, NEVER pay attention to your dog (even if he has given up) , NEVER give him food during this time because otherwise he will understand that “at some point” it can happen. Something.

Tip: you can, however, put aside on the table whatever you want to give him (cheese crusts for example) and then wait until he is no longer asking. Wait until the end of the meal, take the time to clear, etc. and then you can give it to him.

I advise you also not to give it free but as a reward for a good deed (a “sit”, a “in your place”, a “show off”, etc.)


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Strengthen obedience

Of course, to allow your dog to listen to you, you have to create a relationship and set up educational bases on a daily basis through small exercises.

Even though the exercises may not have to do with not begging, regularly teach your dog instructions to get in the habit of listening to you and cooperating with you.

Also, be aware that it will not be productive to give him orders just during early meal times. It will first be necessary to reinforce the basic indications in low moments without stimulation in order then to be able to ask him for indications in a more stimulating context.

This is called the rule of 3D (Distance, Duration, Distraction) . In short, you must always teach your dog something by respecting steps and by complicating the exercises (by duration, distance or distraction) in a very progressive way!

how to sanction your dog

Teach your dog to go for him

Take the example of the indication “in the basket” which will be useful to you during meals:

  • First, teach your dog to go in his basket without surrounding stimuli
  • Reinforce this indication by warmly and systematically rewarding
  • Offer short sessions (no more than 10 minutes)
  • Repeat the sessions as regularly as possible (several times a day)
  • Then complicate the exercise by asking him to stay longer and longer
  • Complicate further by asking him to go to his basket while you stay away from the basket (in plain English, at the beginning accompany him to his basket then gradually remain static at 1m from the basket, 2m, 3m, etc. and move away from cart progress)

Teaching your dog to walk for him will give you control over your dog. This indication will be useful to you on a daily basis: when you eat, but also when guests arrive, or when you simply want to be quiet, etc.

The dog’s basket must be a secure place where he will feel good and where he will not be disturbed. Also make this place as comfortable as possible and leave him toys / treats for him to occupy and enjoy being in his basket.

cucumber-eating dog

Keep your dog busy during the meal

Finally, last tip: do not hesitate to offer your dog an occupation during your meals so that his attention is diverted to something even more fun.

For this, there are many occupation toys, such as Kong type toys for example where the dog will take the time to look for the treats inside.

You can also give him a chew toy adapted to his jaw strength (do not give a soft toy to a dog that will only make a mouthful of it in 3 strokes of the teeth for example) .

What you must remember :

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  • Ignore your dog when he asks for attention
  • All adopt the same attitude with your dog
  • Teach your dog that “to give up is to win”
  • Never give your dog anything when you are at the table
  • Teach your dog to go / stay in his basket
  • Keep your dog busy when you eat
  • Strengthen his obedience in general

Final words and important recommendations

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