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How The 5 Languages of Love Will Save Your Marriage

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Hey guys here with another marriage saving article
So I want to first thank you for reading the article
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Now today I’m going to talk about Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, and how understanding these love languages can help you save your marriage

Now, if you don’t know anything about this New York Times bestseller, then listen closely, because the information I’m about to divulge could actually save your marriage today
Now Chapman basically says that in a relationship, there are five ways to express and experience love
And he also states that every person has their own proclivity as to which love language they prefer

So before we do go any further into this article, I’m going to quickly go over what the Five Love Languages actually are
And then after that, I’m going to talk about how you can use those information that information to save your own marriage starting right now

The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman

1) the act of of giving or receiving gifts

Now, oftentimes, words don’t do enough to to express the kind of love that you want to show your spouse that you have for them
So sometimes instead of a heartfelt or meaningful gift could do the trick
So people who prefer this love language, um, tend to expect to be given gifts on on special occasions, and they often love giving gifts as well

2) quality time

and this one I think is pretty self explanatory, Basically people who have a preference for this love language prefer spending time with his or her spouse and value that greatly so you know, that could take the form of going on dates, going on hikes, adventures, or just even a good conversation with your spouse

3) words of affirmation

people who prefer this, this mode of expressing and receiving love, like to compliment their spouse whenever they get the chance
And you know , I love the feeling of getting a compliment from my amazing husband

4) acts of service

So like I said, some spouses expect gifts and quality time, but others actually just expect to help their partner to help out with house chores, help with driving the kids to school, help making meals, things like that
Now people who prefer this love language, love doing these favors for their spouse, and they also expect the same in return

5) physical touch

Now physical touch can take the form of of hugs, kisses, handholding that kind of thing
But it can also mean the big one sex
And people who prefer this love language tend to put an emphasis on on physical intimacy above all else
So if that’s your love language perhaps keep reading and you’re going to find out a bit more

Now Gary Chapman, who has come up with these five languages suggests that understanding your spouse’s preferred love language is actually critical to building a long lasting and happy relationship
chapman realize that basically, in most relationships, people express love in the way that they preferred to be loved
So that is basically if someone enjoyed giving or receiving gifts, for example, they would also think that their spouse enjoyed receiving gifts just as much

Now of course, there is a chance that might be the case for you and your marriage
But problems often arise when one spouse speaks a completely different love language than the other
So for example, maybe you like giving and receiving gifts, but your spouse actually would rather just spend quality time with you
And that divergence in expression can lead to arguments and rifts in the marriage

Now when that kind of thing happens, you’re often going to hear one spouse say things like you don’t show me any any affection or Why do I always have to do the dishes? Or even you know something like Why don’t you love me the way Tommy loves Susie

So in order to ameliorate this, this issue, you really need to fully understand first and foremost, what’s your preferred love languages
And of course, then you need to figure out what your spouse’s preferred love languages as well
Some of you may instinctively know what kind of love language you prefer based on experience
But sometimes it can also be really helpful to take Chapman’s quiz to figure that out for yourself
And of course, you should encourage your spouse to do the same
You can click this link to take that quiz right now
It’s a super short one and it only takes a couple minutes to complete
Definitely recommend taking that after the article is over

And once you complete Chapman’s quiz, you’re gonna be given a score of determining your preferred language of love basically, and from here, you and your spouse can communicate to each other you know what he or she prefers what you prefer, and you can act accordingly in the future

For those of you who already know what your preferred love languages, please do me a favor and vote for your favorite love language by by clicking here
Just up here, a little icon if you’re on the YouTube app on your phone or if you’re sitting on a laptop, you should see little exclamation mark in the top right just right here
Just click that and vote for your preferred language

Now, although Chapman’s Five Love Languages might sound kind like pseudoscience, one study from 2006 actually stated that this concept probably has a degree of of psychometric validity to it
Regardless of the studies though, 1000s of people have attributed the success of their marriage and the healing of their marriage to this very concept

So I’m not only that I’ve actually read Chapman’s book, and I’ve applied his tactics or some of them anyway, into brad browning’s mend the marriage program, which of course, you can grab a copy right now, risk free at
And I do also recommend Chapman’s book Five Love Languages, it’s also a great read

Now, this is not the only way that I can help you apply these five languages of love
You’d also hire a personal marriage coach as well
Some marriage counselors out there, you know, are charging hundreds of dollars an hour
And not only that, you have to get your partner to agree to attend the counseling as well
With brad’s coaching program, it works a little differently
You just go to then to coaching, and you can learn all the details

But also on that page, you’ll be able to sign up for his confidential email coaching program
And once you do sign up, you just basically send him an email outlining your situation, the details, and I guarantee you a response within 72 hours or less

So that basically just means you’ll be able to email him whenever you want for as long as you’re subscribed to the coaching program
And best of all, you don’t need your spouse’s help or approval
They don’t even need to know you’ve signed up
So you can start saving your marriage right now
Even if your partner won’t talk to you

Alright, and that is it for now, folks, thank you very much for reading
Hopefully you can use Chapman’s five love languages to start saving your marriage beginning today
See you next time

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