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How to Create Deep Intimacy With Your Spouse

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If you want to learn how to create a deep, intimate connection with your spouse, then keep reading because in this article, you might learn something that will seriously stir up some romance with your partner tonight,

how’s it going YouTube, Labiba here with another marriage advice article.
like I said, I’m going to be talking about strategies that you can employ right now, to try to re spark some passion that may be missing in your marriage
Now, I’ve said this before in some other articles, and I’ll say it again, but it’s totally normal, and natural for the passionate intimacy to fade over time
And when this happens, you know, some couples freak out And they start to think that their relationship is getting stale and boring
But in order to combat this, you need to replace that excitement in romance with a stronger, deeper emotional bon d
And if you don’t do this, don’t be surprised if your marriage slowly begins to wither away
But there’s good news, there are things that you can do right now, to make sure that that spark in your marriage remains alive, and build a deeper connection with your spouse than you’ve ever had before
So without further ado, here’s a quick list of proven tips to reignite that deep intimacy in your marriage

1) spend some time apart

Maybe you’ve heard the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well, this is totally tru e
And it’s just as true when it comes to building a deep emotional bond with your partner
It’s incredibly important for your husband or wife, to have separate hobbies, separate friends, and just life in genera l
And you can use these things to allow each other to have some much needed breathing room
Now, I know this might be hard if you’re both working from home, or if you have kids, but you need to try to do your best to make sure that your partner has their alone time
And that you do as well, after spending some time apart, I guarantee that you’ll want to be with your spouse 10 times more, and vice versa
that could very well translate into more intimacy, more romance, and sexual attraction, if it’s done correctly

2) use your words to communicate deeply and emotionally

You know, just saying I love you isn’t enough sometimes
I mean, after you’ve said this 1000 times to your partner, it sort of loses its effect
So what you need to do instead is to be specific when describing what you love about your spouse
So instead of just saying I love you say something like I love the way I feel in your arms, or I’ve always loved how your eyes looked at night
Now, I know, I know, it might sound cheesy when I say this to you right now in this article
But if you find the right time to drop one of these lines, it can really increase the intimate connection between you and your spouse

3) go on an adventure

It’s important to keep things interesting with your partner
So be adventurous and try new things
You know, go to a cooking class, a painting class, or a music class
Maybe you do something really fun, inactive
Or if you really want to be bold, get you know, get your with your spouse and you know go skydiving or something like that
Boredom is a cold blooded killer of passion
So if you and your spouse are always do the exact same thing day in and day out
Don’t be surprised if the romance in your marriage vanishes
If you stay adventurous, you’ll keep things spicy and exciting

4) Do small gestures for your partner

You know if they’re tired, bite the bullet and take care of all the house chores, pick up the garbage feed the kids and do
whatever you need to so that your partner can relax and don’t make a big deal out of it
Just do it
I promise your partner will notice it and they will appreciate it
And these small gestures will eventually add up and your partner will be far more receptive to any romantic advances that you’ll make

5) Stop judging your spouse

If you’re constantly passing judgment and belittling your partner, you’ll push them further and further away from you
And this will obviously impact your love life with him or her
Remember, you’ve married your spouse for some very good reasons
And it’s important not to take him or her for granted
Of course, no relationship is ever perfect
But if you’re constantly honing in on small imperfections, you’ll do a lot more damage than you will do good
And once this starts to negatively, you know impact your sex life, your relationship may start a slow spiral downhill

6) Try and see your spouse through the eyes of someone else

Now, this is gonna sound weird when I say this, but there are going to be some people out there that are far more attracted to your partner than you are
But now that awkwardness is out of the way
Let me tell you what I mean by this
You see, when you meet someone new, it’s exciting and you’re far more willing to overlook their flaws, even though they obviously have a few that you probably haven’t discovered yet
So try and put yourself in the position of someone that’s never met your partner before
And then try to pick out all the good characteristics that he or she has
Or better yet, remember what it felt like when you first met your spouse, I guarantee you that you’ll feel better and more attracted to your spouse after doing this very simple mental exercise
And just a quick reminder that well this article is jam packed with great tips
But if you want the complete guide to making your husband or wife swoon all over you then head on over to and watch that article on there
It’s a complete how to guide and I guarantee you that you’ll learn a ton about connecting deeply with your spouse
Again, the URL is marriage guide calm and you can watch that one right after this article is over

7) stop phubbing

And what does phubbing mean you ask? Well, it means you’re snubbing somebody in favor of your phone
Now almost half of people in relationships say that phubbing is a problem in their relationshi p
So instead of phubbing your partner put your phone away
In fact, most phones have a have a Do Not Disturb feature that you can easily turn on and off
So when you’re spending quality time with your spouse, just turn your notifications off, it’s easy to do and your partner will
appreciate that you’re willing to put 100% of your focus and attention on them
And this in turn, will translate to a deeper connection and more intimacy

8) get in shape

Now this is one that’s pretty self explanatory
So I’m not going to get into the reasons why it’s a good thing
But just focusing a little bit of time on your body every day, it’s going to help your spouse and make them a lot more attracted to you

9) Make time for what they find important

So if your partner likes birdreading, and they want you to join them, try your best to be there for them, even if it’s not your thing
This has been studied by marriage psychologists, and it’s called being able to turn into your spouse
In contrast, turning away from your spouse means that you’re not willing to engage in your partner’s interests
And this destroys intimacy
So make sure that you do try to spend some time with your partner doing only what they want once in a whil e

10) Improve your spouse

have the goal of helping your spouse become a better person every single year,

do they have fitness goals, work goals, school goals, help them get there and be their number one fan, because the more you grow together, the
closer you both get, and the deeper the connection you’ll have
And most of the time, a deeper connection means a better sex life as well

11) speak their love language

Now I think I’ve talked about this in depth in some of my other marriage articles
So if you’re interested in this, then I highly recommend you check them out right after this article
But basically this is based on Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, and their gift giving quality time, words of affirmation acts of service and physical touch
Every person has their own love language, or their preference and how they want to be treated
Some people like physical touch others like receiving gifts, and in order for your marriage and sex life to thrive, you’ll need to speak your spouse’s love language
Again, I cover this far more in depth in my other article, so check that one out right after this at

12) Get help

If you think you’ve tried literally everything on this list and nothing has worked
Consider marriage counseling, talking to a certified marriage counselor could help you get over whatever intimacy problems that you might have with your spouse
However, there are actually other solutions that are far cheaper, and in some ways, far better as well
So you can consider enrolling in a marriage coaching program
For one, it is far more affordable than going to a marriage counselor and two, you can start getting help today without your spouse’s participation or knowledge
Yes, I mean, there are certain things that you can do right now, on your own that would have a meaningful impact on how your partner perceives you
Thank you for reading
If you have any questions, just hit me up on the comment section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you
Thanks so much for reading

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