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How to Keep The Sexual Spark Alive In Your Marriage (11 WAYS)

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In today’s marriage advice article, I’ll be talking about ways that you can keep the sexual spark alive in your marriage
Now it’s natural for marriages to change over time, your relationship is never going to be as sex craved as it was when you first started dating
And that’s okay
This doesn’t mean that your sexual relationship with your spouse is worse
It’s just different
But if left neglected, your sex life can take a big hit, especially when things get a little busier in your life
You know, kids bills work, stress and home responsibilities can really SAP your drive to be passionate with your spouse
And on top of all that, all of these problems can compound leaving you and your spouse feeling bitter and negative towards each other
However, there is good news, there are things that you can do right now, to make sure that you reignite that sexual spark with your spouse
And it doesn’t even have to be difficult, as you can see here, and it doesn’t involve you bring up awkward conversations with your spouse

1) Don’t be afraid to spend some time by yourself

Maybe you remember the old saying absence makes the heart grow fonder
Now, this is totally true
being constantly around, somebody really kills the sexual attraction
Now this may sound totally counterintuitive, but it really makes total sense when you think about it
Being a part gives yourself time to recharge your own batteries, and it gives you time to appreciate your spouse even more, it also gives your your your spouse a chance to miss you, and vice versa
Now imagine not being able to see your partner for weeks on end, I guarantee that after that time, you’ll be more than eager to jump into the sack with him or her
So honestly, don’t be afraid to schedule some alone time
Maybe go on that weekend trip with your friends, or pick up some hobbies that only you enjoy
Once you see your husband or wife again, he or she is going to be far more receptive to any romance that the two of you have been missing, and you’ll be more eager as well

2) Inject some adventure in your lives

You know, it’s really easy to get caught up in the monotony of everyday life, between work taking the kids to school and just life in general, there might not be a ton of time for some actual fun
So do your best to try and allocate at least some time every week to something new and exciting
You know, it can be a new hike a new restaurant a new activity, it really doesn’t matter
Just do your best to plan something that you and your spouse will stick to
Now going on adventures like this is scientifically proven to release more hormones that will cause you and your spouse to bond even more
And that’s going to definitely help to re spark some of the passion that’s been lost

3) Use the power of your words

Now I love you is great and should be said
But let’s be honest, once you’ve used this 300 times, it does lose some of the emotional luster
So instead try and say something far more descriptive and unique
I mean, like, you know, what do you actually love about your partner? Are they an amazing parent, a good cook, hard worker, a caring partner
Use your words to describe to him or her how important that is to you
You know, say something like I love how much perseverance you have you never give up
It’s one of the many things that I love about you
Or it can be something as simple as I love how your hand feels in mine, it feels like home
Now, obviously, you’re gonna have to tailor your message to what fits your partner
But being as emotionally descriptive as possible can work wonders for your marriage and your sex life

4) Stop judging your spouse

I mean, you married him or her and that’s that, of course, nobody’s perfect
So you need to accept your partner for their flaws
being accepted for one’s own faults is one of the most powerful things you can do in a relationship
Remember, your partner has accepted you for all your flaws, so the least you can do is the same for them
Now this is easy to say I know because maybe your situation is a tad different
Maybe a ton of resentment is already built up
And maybe you two have already been way too judgmental to each other
But the solution to this is simple
Just stop and tell your spouse
I know I’ve been giving you a hard time about this, but just know that I love you and accept you
And that’s it
Now of course this might not be the silver bullet for you in your situation, which is why I suggest email coaching just in case you need a little bit of extra help
To learn more about this email coaching program, just head over to then go to coaching
And on that page, you can learn how to hire a relationship caoch.

5) Make sure you have a regular date nights

This is pretty simple and pretty straightforward
So I won’t belabor the point
But you really need to put in the effort to spend intimate moments with just you and your spouse
Otherwise don’t expect your sex life to go anywhere but downwards
Now what you can do to spice things up is to text your spouse something like I can’t wait for our night tonight dot dot dot and then you know a little Winky emoji to help build some anticipation

6) Diggin : making a list of things that you appreciate about your spouse

Try and see your spouse through other people’s eyes
You know, it’s really easy to take your partner for granted if you’ve been with them for so many years
And a lot of what made you fall in love with them just falls to the wayside
So once in a while write down all the things you appreciate about your spouse, put yourself back in the shoes to that person that saw and met your person or for the very first Time, you know, how did you feel? What made them sparkle, what made you want to date them again and again until you decided to marry them during this shortage very easily exercise can help put you in the right frame of mind again,

7) Mention sex every once in a while

forcing your partner to have sex with you with your words is not sexy, you know, you don’t want to bring up this awkward conversation if you don’t have to
So instead, you know, be more subtle mentioned what you find sexy about him or her
Tell your partner what you like about them during sex and tell them how good they are at to tell them what turns you on about them, you know, it can be their new haircut or their new wardrobe
Or it could be something that they accomplished recently
But using this indirect approach is a far more successful way to re spark that kind of obsessive romance that might be missing in your marriage

8) Go travelling together

Now it doesn’t have to be a massive trip across Africa or anything extravagant
It could just be a weekend camping trip just a few hours from where you live
But traveling together is an incredibly bonding experience
You suffer the UPS, the highs, the lows, you engage with each other in ways that you simply can’t while you’re at home, and traveling forces you to to sit down and plan and compromise and work as a team
And that can all bring you closer together
And of course it also gives you something to look forward to as well
And it can you know help you both fantasize about each other as well
I mean, after your trip is all planned out, you could say something like, I can’t wait to live with you under the stars by that lake
Or you can even text this to your spouse as well
It’ll for sure help to get both of your Mojo’s going

9) Change it up in the sack

I mean, how many times have you had sex with your partner? Probably a lot
And it probably gets to the point where it’s sometimes just becomes a routine
And routine absolutely destroys passion
So make a conscious effort to mix it up in the bedroom
I’m not going to go into specifics here because well, you probably know your partner a lot better than I do
But think about things that you know they’re into and try and play up those fantasies
change up the location where you’re intimate with your spouse
And even you know, just doing your best to change one variable can have a big impact on how exciting your sex life is
So give this a shot

10) Be present with your spouse, turn off Netflix and put the phone away

You know, try just talking to your spouse
I know this can be hard
I know sometimes I spent a little bit too much time on my phone as well
But making a conscious effort to simply connect with your spouse can go a long way to rebuilding the romantic side of your marriage, there are plenty of other times in the day, you can waste more time on the phone
So don’t use that valuable time with your spouse on something as wasteful as checking Instagram be present

11) learn their love language

Maybe you’ve heard of the five love languages
Well, this can totally make or break your marriage and it can totally make or break your sex life as well
I’ve actually already made a great article that explains what these love languages are
So if you want to learn more, check that article out
But basically, you need to learn what your partner actually appreciates, and use that to your advantage
Sometimes it can be gifts, words of affirmation or even doing favors for him or her
A lot of couples make the common mistake of thinking that their spouse wants the exact same thing as they do
But this is probably untrue
You know one person might like words of affirming affirmation, but the other might prefer just some time spent together
Knowing your partner’s love language is crucial if you want to turn that sex life around
Alright, now this isn’t a complete list of things you can do to skyrocket your sex life in your marriage
So for that, head over to and watch the full video tutorial there
I promise you you’ll learn a ton of sneaky tricks, tricks that will make your marriage the best version of it can possibly be
Thanks a lot for reading

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