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How To Make Your Marriage Survive The Pandemic

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What’s up , I hope everyone is keeping healthy and staying safe during these rather strange times
And during these weird times, some of us are being encouraged to spend every waking moment with the same person
And we have to find new ways to to work, live and get along with each other
if you’re married, your relationship is built on a weak foundation
This added stress and lack of space can cause some serious tensions to rise, and it can lead to arguments, conflict and breakups
Now, in China, where the outbreak first began, divorce rates have actually been climbing
In fact, in some Chinese cities, a record number of divorce filings were recorded right after the pandemic restrictions were lifted
So what can you do to to save your marriage or your relationship during these crazy times? Well, in this article, I’m going to cover 12 tips that will ensure that you and your significant other will not only survive this pandemic, but thrive

1) Let your partner express themselves

Right now tensions are high and stress levels can be through the roof
Maybe he or she got laid off, they’re worried about money or rent, or just reading the news way too much
But right now, there are a ton of valid reasons to be feeling a little stressed out
After all, living this way isn’t natural
So allow your partner to feel whatever they want to feel about this pandemic
And don’t try and belittle their emotions
Instead, you know, validate their feelings and make sure to let them know that you’re on their side, and you’ll do whatever you can you can to sort of help them push through the strange time together

2) keep your anger and your anxiety in check

So like I said, there’s definitely a lot of reasons to feel anxious right now
And that’s okay
But taking out all of your anger and frustration on your partner is a one way ticket to misery
This anger and frustration can take many forms
But one thing that you absolutely must avoid is criticizing your partner, especially when it comes to money and work
Instead, try and funnel your negative energy into something else, you know, do a home workout or a passion project
Because when you’re feeling annoyed, you just want to do your best to avoid your partner and allow your feelings to pass
If your partner is getting on your nerves, politely choose to you know, put on your headphones and listen to a relaxing tune or a podcast
Whatever you do, just try and remain calm

3) come up with a schedule

So for some people, time alone is a critical part of their mental health
And this is something that you or your partner might not understand
So in order to ensure that you and your partner, get some time alone, come up with a schedule where you have an allocated you know reading time right before bed or first thing in the morning
Basically just guaranteeing this alone time can help the introverts out there refuel as much as possible

3) come up with a routine and responsibilities

Right now, you want to minimize the number of potential conflicts
So coming up with a routine and a list of responsibilities that you both can agree on would really help with this
So it can be something as simple as say, on Tuesdays you take out the garbage and vacuum on Wednesday, your partner does the recycling and the dishes and so on
Doing this is easy and it can work wonders to add some orderliness in an otherwise crazy time

4) Avoid reading the news

Right now the news can be a huge source of anxiety and fear
It can be easy to get sucked into your phone or TV and just listen to the news 24 seven
After all, it seems like every day something insane is happening something or somewhere in the world
So instead just limit your screen time
For example, I limit myself to reading news on my phone for only 20 minutes a day
That’s enough time to to get caught up on the biggest news stories without adding unnecessary anxiety into my own life

6) Pick separate hobbies

Now this will give you and your spouse extra room to breathe
And it can be a great time to explore some passions that you’ve always wanted to try
So Now is your time to explore
You know if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to paint, maybe you’ve had a great story short story idea
Maybe you’ve always wanted to write poetry
But now is a great time to look into those kinds of hobbies

7) Don’t ignore your body

How well you take care of your body can have a dramatic impact on the way you feel
So try and do something active every single day
There are a ton of great home workout articles here on YouTube
And for many of them you don’t need any workout equipment at all
So there’s really no excuse
Exercising has a huge impact on your mental health
So if you’ve been feeling mentally drained or antsy try giving this a shot
You won’t regret it and your partner won’t either

8) When you do you call a timeout, arguments and conflict are inevitably going to happen despite your best efforts

Now this is okay And it is totally normal
But what you can control is how heated these disputes get
Now my dispute defusing system is one of the Hallmark techniques in the mend the marriage program
So if you want to learn more about this technique, just go to and watch the free video on there right now
By dispute defusing system has proven effective in handling arguments and conflict between couples
So if you argue a lot with your partner, then definitely check out that video at right after you finish reading this one
One tip that I like to teach my clients is to call a 30 minute timeout during a heated argument
You’d be surprised at how much calmer you’ll feel even after this very short amount of time is over
You’ll also have time to formulate your arguments so you don’t accidentally say something stupid

9) Go outside or go for a driveou

You know Don’t be afraid to leave your partner hanging just to get some fresh air go for a drive because chances are they need that time alone too
One of my favorite excuses to get out of the house, a jog you know actually resizing outdoors kills multiple birds with one stone
So put on those jogging pants and get to it

10) Set up your workstations far apart from each other

So if you and your spouse are both working from home, make sure that you give each other as much space as possible
Obviously, for some living situations, this might be pretty tough
But having that alone time while you work can really alleviate some of the anxiety that might creep in during this pandemic

11) Don’t forget about intimacy

Now this one can be difficult because you know, let’s face it being around a person all the time can kill the passion and the romance
And on top of that, at least 85% of people say stress obliterates their libido
So there are multiple factors that are working against you here
But this is an area that you simply can’t ignore
So make sure you allocate some time to having a stress free moment with your spouse every day
Maybe you can watch a funny show together, read some books together, or even just have a bath together, just do something where you both aren’t thinking about finances work and the crisis that we’re currently living through
I know that’s easier said than done, but I think you can do it

12) And finally, Don’t be afraid to reach out and get help

Marriage or couples therapy may be hard to find nowadays
But I have a great solution for you
Maybe you didn’t know this, but we suggest one on one personal coaching via email
So if you’re struggling with a current relationship, then you can have help in your corner
For more information on this personal coaching program, just head over to then go to coaching
And from there you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started without your partner ever knowing about it
you can head over there right now because this article just ended
Thank you so much for reading
Remember if you have questions, just leave in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you
And also please don’t forget to hit that like button if you haven’t already
Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time

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