How to play sports in summer in complete relaxation?

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It is hot, the bodies are naked on the beach and the complexes reappear…! A few small beads here or there paralyze you like everyone else! So take advantage of this pleasant weather to play sports in summer with a little program that you will get a taste for! No need to hurt yourself, take the time to listen to your body and do exercises that suit you.

Summer, the season of sport ?!

Well, yeah ! And for many reasons, summer is an ideal season for playing sports. Slimming, fighting stress or having beautiful, smooth and firm skin are all arguments that could encourage you. Not to mention the bikini objective that it is time to make profitable with a few abs!

Especially since with confinement, we have not all had the chance to exercise … It is therefore time to take advantage of the outdoors and the high temperatures to do some daily exercises. Also, sport will allow you to indulge in some pleasures like…. the ICES ! Indeed, if you achieve sporting feats several times a week, you can do yourself good with the delicacies of your choice!

Last strong argument for the lucky ones: the sports coach! Something to fantasize about in the effort!

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Which sport to choose?

It’s about finding a sport that suits you and in which you thrive. Delaying the aging of your body, boosting your metabolism and strengthening your immune system will be the primary objectives.

Joggers by the sea

Are you going on vacation to a seaside area? Why not make a daily schedule for yourself on the beach. Walking the beach in short strides will allow you to work on your cardio but also to purify your mind via the iodized air. Do not impose too difficult courses on yourself but focus on the quality of your sessions. And go for a brisk walk by combining long strides and small competitive steps!

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Daily cycling

On sunny days, make the most of outdoor exercise . Instead of taking the car or the bus for example, opt for a bike ride. As well to go to your place of work as for a weekend stroll. The idea is to take the time to please yourself or get back in hand.

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Home-made cardio

Not everyone gets the chance to go on vacation. Several cardio exercises to do at home or in parks, for example, will help you firm your skin and boost your body. Alternate abs on the floor for your size, exercises to strengthen your lower back (subjected to hard efforts all year round) but also movements of the legs and glutes. Take back control of your body to feel better about yourself.

Don’t forget to take cold showers from time to time to firm up the flesh and do good to the muscles!

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