How to say stop to falling hair?

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Having your hair falling out is a real calamity. In the bathroom, in the shower and even on the pillow, you find it in handfuls, without knowing what to do? Don’t panic, La Loge Beauté reveals everything you need to know about falling hair! 

On average, a woman has over 150,000 hairs on her head. But unfortunately they are falling by the hundreds and you are starting to worry. Zoom in on this natural process, which should no longer cause panic in your daily life, with each brush stroke. 

How does a hair work? 

Just like a hair, a hair also has its own cycle of life . There are 3 different sentences, each with its own duration. 

1- The anagen phase 

This is the longest phase of the three. It is also known as the growth phase . During this period, the hair is born and grows about one centimeter per month. If the hair is healthy and nourished properly, its growth will last for several years. 

2- The catagen phase 

This is the secondary phase, during which the hair completely stops its growth. It separates from the hair follicle and goes straight up towards the epidermis. Result, for 3 weeks, it remains on the head but no longer grows. 

It is simply that the old hair is preparing to fall, to make room for the new. Like what, the system is well done! 

3- The telogen phase 

This last phase indicates the death of the hair . It is ready to fall for a new one to start growing. 

On average, the hair stays between 4 and 6 years on the head. And rest assured, they aren’t all born and die at the same time. Fortunately, otherwise you would be bald … It is therefore quite normal to lose it regularly. While the amount on your floor is large, there is still plenty left on your head.
For information, know that the most favorable period for hair that falls out is fall. 

Tips to fight against falling hair  

Generally, we lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. But the figure varies according to the type of hair, the maintenance, the age or the season. 

Choosing the right brush 

Either way, there are little tips to slow down their fall. Already, if you are in a period where you lose a lot of them, avoid brushing them too much. The brush can weaken them and make them even more brittle. Prefer the comb, it will be gentler on your hair. 

Female hair bump

Pay attention to what you eat 

Also watch your diet. Opt for foods rich in B vitamins such as bananas, kiwi or carrots. Also bet on minerals. They will strengthen the hair and rebalance the hair cycle . 

Limit stress 

Pay attention to stress! This plague can accentuate hair loss. Remember that your body reacts to everything, and if you are traumatized or have a stroke of blues, your hair too, could be affected. 

Demi Lovato Hair Movement

Focus on treatment 

If you want to take treatments for hair loss, be vigilant! As this is not an illness, nor a need, they will not be reimbursed… Do not hesitate to speak to your doctor, to have his opinion, and to have him recommend the treatment that will suit you best. 

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