How to successfully control and calm your anxiety attack?

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Feeling of suffocation, difficulty in breathing, hot flashes… You are probably having an anxiety attack. Fear and anxiety overwhelm you, your reactions are irrational and uncontrollable. La Loge Beauté gives you 5 tips to get rid of your panic attack, without taking medication! 

All you need to know about the anxiety attack 

An anxiety attack is an intense fear, which manifests itself in both physical and psychological symptoms. It comes abruptly and puts you completely beside yourself. The anxiety takes control of your body, and you are unable to react more objectively. Depending on the person and the intensity of the seizure, it usually lasts a few minutes, but in the most severe cases it can continue for several hours. 

Although this is much easier said than done, know that you can calm your anxiety attack on your own, just by regaining control of your mind, without giving in to panic. But since it’s a complicated exercise to practice, we give you 5 natural tips to succeed in calming yourself. 

5 tips to calm an anxiety attack 

1- try to control your breathing 

When you are having an anxiety attack, an irrational fear invades your body, your heart rate quickens and hot flashes occur. You get out of hand. The best way to relax is to regain control of your breathing. 

If possible, lie down and put your arms below your head or on your stomach. Otherwise stay upright with your feet anchored to the ground. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold your breath for 3 seconds, and breathe out slowly. Concentrate only on your breathing and forget everything around it. Repeat this process until you feel better. 

Control your breathing

2- occupy your mind 

To get over a panic attack, you have to turn your mind away, so that it thinks of something else. Imagine a place where you feel good. Find an object to focus your attention on. The most important thing is that you think of something else to calm yourself down. 

3- repeat a sentence

You can also use the mantra technique . Choose a phrase that speaks to you, that you will repeat in your head or in a low voice. It can be a very simple phrase like “relax, it will pass”, or a quote that is close to your heart. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you the most. 

4- Take on yourself 

An anxiety attack is irrational. It’s your imagination that reacts by making a whole lot of film. Claustrophobes, for example, are so afraid of getting stuck in an elevator, closet or plane that they look for alternative ways to avoid an anxiety attack. But by doing that, they keep their fear alive. The idea is to succeed in taking it upon yourself, to prove to yourself that there is nothing insurmountable.

Face your fear

5- Do cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 

There are many tips that temporarily relieve an anxiety attack, but none of them go back to the real causes of it. 

By doing therapy, you can heal your fears deeply and lastingly. But be careful, if you have been subject to anxiety attacks for years, the work will be long and you will have to be diligent in the sessions. With will and perseverance, you will get there, be sure! You just have to find the specialist who suits you, and who will be able to accompany you on the road to recovery. 

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