I’m dating a narcissistic pervert: how do I get rid of him?

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You constantly feel belittled, devalued, stung … Tears are running down your cheek constantly . Yet do you feel guilty? It is without doubt that you are in the clutches of a narcissistic pervert . Far from being trivial, this situation can turn your daily life into a real ordeal . La Loge Beauté gives you its advice and all its courage , to get you out of it! 

Back to the notion of narcissistic pervert

The term “narcissistic pervert” was theorized by Paul-Claude Racamier in the 1980s . It is a real notion of psychoanalysis to define the behavior of an individual. 

In the majority of cases, it is about a person suffering from a personality disorder , which will demean the other in order to value himself . He doesn’t love himself, and will make the other feel guilty for his own faults. This is extremely unhealthy behavior , from which you must escape as soon as possible, if you fall victim to it. 

How to recognize a narcissistic pervert? 

Obviously, when you meet a narcissistic pervert , it is not written on his head . And you have to beware of appearances . Very often, at first glance, the individual is likeable , funny and very attractive . It’s normal for a woman to be seduced, with her flattering and charming side, he pleases! 

The big problem is that the relationship quickly deteriorates . A real unease sets in. Behind this charming side, hides a manipulator , who will spoil your opinion, and the esteem that you have of yourself. 

The causes of such a personality disorder 

Usually, an individual does not become a narcissistic pervert overnight . There are various , complex and often unknown factors . His behavior can be explained by a difficult childhood, absent parents , a genetic disorder, an addiction to alcohol, drugs … But must in no way be excused ! No one has to go through it . It is a dysfunction that the person must resolve on their own . Relatives or companions cannot help alone . 

Help: a narcissistic pervert is eating my life! 

If you are under the influence of a narcissistic pervert, there is only one thing to do : run away ! Of course, it is not always easy. However, there are no other alternatives . You will not be able to cure him , even with all the good will in the world. 

And above all, despite what the person may make you believe or imply , nothing is your fault !! Don’t feel weak. Especially not. There is no typical victim , it can happen to anyone. Especially if you’ve fallen in love. The question you must ask yourself is: why am I staying ? What keeps me attached to this person, despite their odious behavior ? 

This is where you have to pay the most attention! A narcissistic pervert will always succeed in justifying his actions and behavior, no matter how horrible they are. He never questions himself, while you do! This is what must be avoided at all costs . 

How to get out of this ordeal? 

Getting out of it doesn’t happen overnight, unfortunately. Several steps are necessary: 

  • Realize that the relationship is toxic . This first step is essential. You realize that there is something wrong . And yet, it is not easy to see . 
  • Confront the narcissistic pervert with his own behavior with you. Explain that this is not admissible . Once unmasked, he will be destabilized and for the first time, you will have the ascendancy. 
  • Finally, we must leave. Get help if necessary, reconnect with your family , your friends! Don’t be alone. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist if you are having trouble getting by. And above all, do not try to understand it, think about yourself and your well-being!  

Believe in yourself, and get out of this hell every day. One thing is certain, you deserve much better !! 

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