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Who, out of passion or out of curiosity, has never read their horoscope? Even if you haven’t necessarily taken him seriously, because he hasn’t been able to perfectly decipher the vagaries of your day… Know that your astrological sign can say a lot more about your personality than you  do. think. Zoom ! 

Established around the year -1000, the signs of the zodiac have been defined by several astrologers. Since then, even if astrology has evolved considerably, the ancestral heritage continues to be transmitted, remaining in the lineage of the founding fathers. 

How to know your astrological sign?

The astrological signs are inscribed around the zodiac circle. It is a 360 degree circle made up of 12 signs, themselves divided into 4 elements at the origin of the world: fire, earth, water and air.
As explained in the website astro , your zodiac sign will not only depend on your day and month of your birth, but it will also define your main character traits .

The different astrological signs


If you were born between March 21 and April 20, you are aries, a sign of fire. It is the first sign of spring, ruled by the planet March.  The ram symbolizes enthusiasm, impulsiveness, daring, dynamism and courage.
Its color: red 


Bulls are born between April 21 and May 20. It is the sign ruled by Venus. They are stable, stubborn, loyal, strong and possessive. And that’s not all ! They are also tenacious, stubborn and hardworking.  As its name suggests, the bull advances with its hooves anchored in the ground. It is therefore an earth sign.
Its color: green. 


A Gemini person was born between May 21 and June 20. This air sign symbolizes communication, curiosity and intelligence. Spontaneous and very pleasant, a Gemini person can also hide their anxiety behind a superficial dimension! You have to dig to know them.
Its colors: gray and turquoise blue. 


Cancers are born between June 21 and July 22. It is the first sign of summer, with water as its element. They love their family and are very close to their mother.  Cancer is sensitive, intuitive, a bit narcissistic, protective and has a great fear of being abandoned. So if you have one around you, pamper it.
Its color: pastel tones. 


If you were born between July 23 and August 22, you are a lion. A sign of fire par excellence, the lion is ruled by the sun. This character is powerful, generous, kind and courteous. But beware, he also has a lot of pride, ambition and ego. Be careful not to lead others to the baton!
Its colors: yellow and orange. 


Virgins are born between August 23 and September 22. This earth sign ruled by Mercury represents methodical, organized, perfectionist, and helpful people. A Virgo person is going to obsess over order and lack self-confidence. So be gentle with it.
Its colors: gray, yellow-green and beige. 


The sign Libra represents individuals born between September 23 and October 22. This air sign, ruled by Venus, symbolizes balance, peace and justice. A Libra person is elegant, sociable, pacifist and determined. But also indecisive and sometimes distant.
Its colors: pink, green and blue. 


Were you born between October 23 and November 22? So you are a scorpion. It is a water sign, ruled by the planet Pluto. In astrology, the scorpio symbolizes death, transformation or sexuality. But he should not be confused with a Scorpio person, who is loyal, affectionate, secretive, determined and willful. Be careful, it will also be difficult to understand, and a little lying on some point. It must therefore be clearly defined.
Its colors: black and dark red. 


Sagittarius is the fire sign ruled by Jupiter of individuals born between November 23 and December 22. A Sagittarius is optimistic, positive, jovial, independent and adventurous. According to prophecy, it is even said that he happiness. But beware, he hates routine and can quickly get impatient!
Its color: royal blue. 


The first winter sign for people born between December 23 and January 19, Capricorn is an earth sign, ruled by the planet Saturn. In the zodiac circle, it is the sign that symbolizes ambition and the peak to be reached. By character, a Capricorn is rigorous, careful, cold and honest. And be careful, sometimes he can be extremely sensitive and introverted.
Its colors: dark brown and black. 


An Aquarius is born between January 20 and February 18. It is an air astrological sign, ruled by the planet Uranus. In the zodiac circle, Aquarius symbolizes brotherhood, freedom and modernity. By character, he is revolutionary, persevering, utopian and needs to be useful. It is even said that Aquarius launches revolutions, so much does it yearn for a better world.
Its colors: sky blue and indigo. 


A Pisces person was born between February 19 and March 20. This water sign is the last sign in the zodiac circle, ruled by Neptune. In terms of character, a fish is very difficult to pinpoint. He is sentimental, idealistic, dreamy, naive and sometimes even fabricator. But beware, the fish can lie with great ease.
Its color: navy blue. 

Now you know more about your astrological sign and that of the people around you! 

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