50 Times People Had Such Wild Solutions To Their Problems, They Were Celebrated In The ‘Redneck Engineers‘ Group (New Pics)

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Metal rusts and velour can be torn, so it’s only a matter of time before your old Honda Civic breaks down. Of course, if you have money and you bought that car because you love the way it looks, you can probably just take it to the mechanic and let them fix it. However, if you’re broke and that was the only reason why you got that pile of junk in the first place, you’ll probably have to bring it back to life yourself.

But fear not, you’d be amazed to know how much is possible with so little. And the subreddit r/RedneckEngineering is the perfect example of that. It has plenty of funny, surprising, and creative DIY projects that simultaneously make sense and appear completely useless but can definitely inspire you to pick up a wrench and start working on that metal pony of yours.


Humane Rat Trap


Saw This Volume Limiter On R/Hometheater Thought Of This Sub


My 96y/O Great Grandma Was Having Trouble. Her Apartment’s Ac Vent Blew Directly Into Her Eyes To The Point She Couldn’t Watch TV Or Read Anymore. I Made A Cardboard Vent Cover To Go Over The Vent & Reverse The Air Flow Direction


It Makes Sense


My Dumbass Solution To The Problem Of High-Hanging Fruit


I Couldn't Find Any Washers That Would Fit Over The Heads Of Screws... So... Yep


Our Doorbell Has Been Broken So We Had To Improvise


The 80s In Switzerland


Does This Count?


Well It Surely Works


Not The Prettiest, But It Gets The Job Done!


Only Had Two Batteries, And Also This Thing Was Crazy Bright


Someone Suggested This Would Fit Here


There, I Fixed It


Cut A Pool Noodle In Half To Make A Comfortable Armrest For The Truck. From Australia


Fixed The Downspout


Found This On An Old Project File, I Was Ahead Of My Time


When You Finally Decide To Re-Purpose Those Old Bombs You Had Laying Around...


Found In A Group Called “Stairs Designed By People Who Aren’t Afraid To Die” But I Still Quite Like How Simple And Cheap A Solution It Is


Oculus 2 Weight Balance Fix


Back In 2006 When We Lived In Thailand I Couldn't Find A Guitar Hero Guitar For My Playstation 2 So I Hacked A Knock-Off Dualshock Controller And A Mosquito Zapper Into A DIY Guitar Hero Controller - Complete With A Mercury Switch For Star Power


Feast Your Eyes… My Brother’s Gaming Chair


Portable AC Unit (Pumps Ice Cold Water From Cooler Through Copper Coil Over Fan)


My 11 Year Old Scotch Taped The Phone To His Face So He Could Play Xbox And Talk


Czech Engineering


The Birdhouse Booby Trap Device


Redneck Rotisserie


A Pvc Pipe Basketball "Hoop" I Made So That My Son Could Practise


This Has To Count


All Y'all Doing Yard Work Like Scrubs. Here's The Real Way


This Man Is Before His Time


Anti-Theft Protection


Safe As Houses


Pharmacy Ran Out Of Iv Holders. They Suggested To Hold It With My Hands. I Lasted Half A Bottle



Ain't Stupid If It Works!


Who's Laughing Now?


I Work At A Warehouse In Sweden, And Recently They Halved The Speed Of All Forklifts (From 16 Km/H To 8 Km/H) For Safety Reasons. I Just Thought They Put Some Limiter In The Software, But No. They Found A Far Smarter Solution…


Adjustable Wrench


Ramen Fix


Automatic Door


Saw This In Another Sub And Thought It Belonged Here


This Guy Built A Wooden Gym So He Could Train


A Plunger And Hot Water, Who’d A Thunk It


How To Keep Your Drone From Falling Down Into A River


Disinfecting In A Beiping Market, Smart And Timely!


Homemade Roller Coaster


Home Made Drone


This Was Very Smart



My Father Built His Own Observatory


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