My dog ​​jumps on people: why and how can I teach him not to?

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Does your dog jump on you or on your guests or on people you meet on a walk? You can’t take it anymore and you are looking for solutions to stop your dog from jumping?

I offer you here all the keys to understand this often annoying behavior: why your dog jumps, why does he continue to do so when you tell him not to, and especially all the tips so that your dog does not even try to jump.

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My dog ​​jumps: why?

We will develop the different reasons why a dog has to jump and especially how to prevent it, but here are the main ones:

  • Your dog jumps because he knows that sometimes he gets satisfaction
  • Your dog jumps because he wants to get your attention, and it works!
  • Your dog jumps because he hasn’t learned to wait or deal with his frustration
  • Your dog is jumping because he has too much unfulfilled energy that he tries at all costs to evacuate
  • Your dog jumps because sometimes you reward him for doing so (to say hello for example)
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My dog ​​jumps for attention: how to react?

First of all, the first thing to know is that in 9 out of 10 this is the reason why the dog jumps, whether at you or your guests, because he obtains satisfaction in his demand for attention.

Let me explain, when a dog jumps, in general, that he wishes to make contact, to attract attention and why not obtain a reward. But, you will ask me, why does he repeat this behavior when, often, he is “sanctioned” for it?

Well, quite simply because even a “sanction” is a form of attention , and therefore of reward (in your dog’s head) . When you look at your dog, touch him or talk to him, even if it is to scold him, he considers this to be an interaction.

So when your dog jumps on you: ignore him! Ignoring your dog is therefore not looking at him, not talking to him or touching him. The trick will be to turn around completely, to turn your back on your dog when he jumps.

And when he jumps on your guests, it’s up to you to warn your guests and ask them to turn their backs on your dog and then you to take over to tell him to go in his place, for example.

If you haven’t had time to warn your guests or if your guests can’t “play along”, you are responsible for your dog, so it’s up to you to reframe your animal . on the fact that your dog does not go to welcome the guests.

Clearly, cutting off all social interaction with your dog during jumps will create a new idea in your dog: “I jump = I am ignored / I sit down (for example) = I am petted”.

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My dog ​​jumps: ignoring it doesn’t work!

When we advise ignoring your dog when jumping, the results are not always present, why? Well, quite simply because ignoring your dog must be done correctly.

If your dog understands that by insisting even more (by jumping on your back or starting to nibble on you, for example) , he still ends up getting satisfaction, you can be sure that the jumps will be repeated over and over again, and in a very more intense each time.

Moreover, succeeding in ignoring your dog at the beginning and then finally giving in because it becomes unbearable, it is clearly teaching your dog to insist, to persevere in his requests for contact and it is above all to go against your initial objective.

In addition, to ignore your dog when he jumps is to ignore him systematically, for all jumps! Indeed, many people will complain about the wet and muddy jumps of their dog in winter but will gladly accept it when it is dry weather.

Finally, to finish on this point: teaching your dog not to jump anymore by ignoring him does not necessarily happen overnight! Be patient and above all do not give up!

On the other hand, if after 2 weeks your dog still continues to jump, ask yourself the following questions to possibly readjust your attitude:

  • Am I correctly ignoring my dog?
  • Do I sometimes when I’m upset I scold him to stop?
  • Are all the people with whom he contacts are diligent in this process?
  • Do I always ignore my dog ​​when he jumps?

My dog ​​jumps: he is unmanageable and very excited!

Then there are also the dogs who, despite ignoring them over and over again, keep on jumping and / or find other ways to get your attention: barking, nibbling, etc.

This is often the case with dogs with high energy to release at all costs!

So, the advice that flows from this point is obvious: exercise your dog and ensure that his excess energy is filled .

Indeed, if your dog is not tired and he is too excited, you will not be able to train him or ask him to calm down.

How to exercise my dog?

it’s not enough to throw a ball for 15 minutes in the garden!

You must of course think of the physical exercises (long daily walks, regular play sessions, etc.) but also of mental exercises (learning various tricks, strengthening basic obedience, educational and fun games, etc. .) and above all to the olfactory exercises (varied walks rich in olfactory stimulation, tracking games, etc.).

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Also think about occupancy toys that will allow your dog to occupy himself (hence the name, isn’t it) but which, for some toys, will allow him to fill an important chewing need, but often neglected, in the dog and which also participates in exersising it.

My dog ​​jumps: how to deviate the behavior!

If your dog is calmed enough and ignoring it is not working, or that this technique is simply not suitable for your dog (it is quite possible, you have to know how to readjust in these cases ), you can then deviate to another, more acceptable behavior.

To deviate towards another behavior is to teach the dog that this behavior A is not desired but that this behavior B will allow it to obtain.

Clearly, we will teach our dog indications to return to calm or return to his area to teach him that he does not have to manage contacts.

Concretely, this means teaching your dog to go to the basket on request or, for example, teaching your dog to sit on request: when a dog sits, obviously he does not jump.

For that, it is necessary to reinforce the educational bases first of all without stimulation (without guests for example) and especially when your dog has been sufficiently energy spent. Indeed, as we have seen, you will not get anything from a dog that is too excited, especially for calming exercises.

An element is often forgotten in the education process

Educating your animal is good, but it is imperative to think about Doing it the right way.

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My dog ​​jumps: how to manage contacts?

I was previously talking about contact management. Indeed, your dog (and this without speaking about submission or any dominance) must understand that he does not have to manage the contacts, but that it is up to you, as the referent, to decide if so. or not he can get in touch.

Why would you say to me, and quite simply so that you no longer have to read articles like this one to manage to solve a contact problem with your dog… To know here: the jumps!

Thus, a notion that will be very important to integrate and apply on a daily basis (whether for you or for your dog): to give up means to win!

Concretely, we will teach the dog that as soon as he gives up (that he returns to his place, that he sits down or that he waits) then, he will obtain satisfaction : I give up, I win ! And no longer I jump, I insist, I win!

This advice can also be accompanied by the technique of ignoring your dog when he jumps. As soon as your dog jumps on you, ignore him by turning his back on him and as soon as he has calmed down: agree to make contact with him. So your dog understands that you are the initiator of the contacts and that when it is he who initiates this contact, it does not work.

Final words and important recommendations

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