My dog bites his leash, why and what to do?

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Your dog bites his leash , you do not understand why and above all you do not manage to walk him serenely without the leash being subjected to severe strain? Are you starting to get bored of always having to buy leashes and your dog’s budget is starting to explode?

Then you will find all the answers to your questions here! After reading this article, you will know why your dog bites his leash and especially how to stop this behavior!

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Why is my dog ​​biting his leash?

As with any problem solving, it is essential to know the cause in order to find an effective solution and above all adapted to the real problem you are having with your dog.

Because in many cases, the majority moreover, a simple behavior hides in reality a real problem, even a deep trouble that it will be necessary to identify to solve the problem in the long term.

And yes, “in the long term” is indeed the most important notion in education because it is quite possible to stop a behavior but if it is only the symptom of a deeper disorder, then the problem will reappear and you will still be facing the same difficulties.


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Here are the main reasons that can lead a dog to bite its leash to help you identify the problem:

  • For puppies, chewing is a natural behavior for teething and strengthening their jaw . The leash (often rope or leather) is therefore a perfect way to meet these two needs for the puppy.
  • A dog can bite his leash to get the attention of his master who will undoubtedly give his dog all his attention to try to get him to stop this behavior.
  • A dog that is not sufficiently taken out / expended will also have difficulty channeling its energy and can then let off steam on its leash.
  • A dog that is rarely walked on a leash can also start biting the leash to regain his freedom.
  • A dog who is bored or finds the time too long will also tend to nibble on his leash just to find an occupation.
  • Finally, a dog who wants to play can also make it understood by biting his leash and trying to get into a play session (therefore by tugging) with his master.
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My dog ​​bites his leash: what to do?

To know what to do, you must first identify why your dog is biting his leash, once done, here are the tips for each of the reasons mentioned above.

My puppy bites his leash to teething:

If your puppy is teething, this is completely normal and should not be stopped from doing so . It is therefore not necessary to stop the behavior but rather to divert it towards a new one namely to bite a toy intended for this purpose for example.

My dog ​​bites his leash to get my attention:

If your dog bites his leash to get your attention, you’ll see it easily! Indeed, on several occasions, as soon as he bites his leash, ignore him completely.

As a reminder, ignoring a dog is: not looking at it, not touching it or talking to it.

So ignore your dog systematically when he bites his leash , if he ends up stopping, it’s winning, if he continues, then another problem needs to be resolved.

It will also be necessary to ensure that good behavior is reinforced. So, as soon as your dog no longer bites his leash, warmly reward him so that he makes the following association:

“I bite my leash, I have no social interaction with my master, when I am calm, my master is interested in me and offers me an interaction. »Bingo!

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My dog ​​bites his leash to release his excess energy:

If your dog bites his leash because he is not enough spent and the moment of the walk is too exciting for him… The answer is in the statement as they say: you have to walk more and spend your dog!

Do not wait until your dog is untenable to offer him activities, because by doing so first of all you teach your dog to beg for attention but above all you are not at the initiative of the activities that you propose to your dog. And this is absolutely not consistent as you become completely dependent on your dog and “at his service” in a way.

Instead, offer your dog regular and especially daily outings, play sessions, tricks learning sessions, etc. and above all: be at the initiative of these moments of activity with him.

My dog ​​bites his leash because he is not used to being tied:

For dogs who are not used to being walked on a leash this is problematic because even if you live in the countryside and have very few opportunities where you are required to tie your dog up, you will still have reasons to do so (whether to go to the vet or to take him for a walk in town).

In fact, even if you know that he will very rarely be walked on a leash, still get your dog used to wearing the leash so that he considers it “normal” to be strolled tied up. At the beginning, take a lanyard so that it is in semi freedom then, gradually, shorten the length of the leash.

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In addition, do not hesitate to offer quality walks, even on a leash, to your dog: with places rich in olfactory stimulation, by rewarding him for his good behavior, by playing with him (when he is attached to a longe for example), etc. Thus, your dog will associate the leash with pleasant moments.

To finish on this point, it will also be very important to teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling so that the attached walks are not uncomfortable or even painful, both for you and for your dog.


My dog ​​bites his leash because he is bored:

This point is in a way related to the point on the overflow of energy. Indeed, a dog that is not sufficiently stimulated will end up getting bored and therefore externalizing its lack of expenditure by adopting behaviors that are rarely acceptable to the owners.

So, stimulate your dog on a daily basis, do not hesitate to offer him activities regularly , even if a few minutes of mental stimulation exercises per day can sometimes be enough.

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Indeed, it is not enough to walk your dog in the morning and at night around the neighborhood for it to be spent. Know that physical expenditure is ultimately the least important for many dogs! The most effective and rich will be mental expenditure ( learning tricks , occupation games, etc.) and olfactory (various walks, tracking games, etc.).

The extra tip:

If you are unable to stop this behavior in your dog despite all of our recommendations outlined above (it may take some time, do not be in a hurry) , there is however a “miracle” solution:

Walk your dog about ten times with a metal leash (in the form of a chain) that you attach to your dog’s collar (or harness).

Often (not in fact, always) , dogs who start to bite the metal of the leash do not find it very pleasant and immediately stop the behavior.

Be careful, I am talking about a metal leash and not chain collars! Do not confuse !

Then, last point: this solution is clearly a “misery cache”, as I indicated it previously, here one finally solves only the symptom and not the problem in depth.

This tip can therefore help you stop the behavior immediately, but it should not be a solution in itself! You should still try to understand the reason for such behavior.

We hope that this article will have enabled you to find some answers and therefore to start a more suitable work with your doggie.

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