My dog moans, what does this mean and what to do?

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First of all, you should know that a dog that whines is quite simply a dog that communicates . In fact, whining is one way of communicating among many others for the dog, just like barking or other non-verbal communications.

We will see here what the dog tries to communicate when he moans and especially what to do if this behavior becomes excessive.

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If it is punctual, the whining is not considered to be a real behavior problem . However, although it is only very rare, it is important to know the cause.

Then, if it is excessive, it will be all the more important to seek to understand why the dog uses this means of communication in an untimely way and especially what it hides in order to be able to solve the problem.


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Why is my dog ​​moaning?

To understand why your dog whines and whines, it is very important to observe him and especially to identify the triggers of this attitude.

Typically, whining in dogs is used to get the attention of their owners and often times it works wonders. Since the dog gets satisfaction (having the full attention of its owners) as soon as it whines, why not reproduce this behavior after all?

Then, you can also observe the moaning of your dog when he is bored, when he is stressed or when he can not manage his frustration for example. We will see right after what to do for each of these situations.

Indeed, a bored dog will be able to moan to let it know. But often, this will be accompanied by other behaviors that will reflect boredom: destruction, substitution activities ( excessive licking of a member for example) , excessive barking, etc.

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In addition, your dog may moan because he is in a state of high stress and the whining allows him to alleviate this discomfort. This behavior will be observed in particular when the masters leave or at night for example.

Here we are dealing with a real issue of separation anxiety .

Finally, if your dog is whining constantly, it is important to rule out possible problems that may be physical. Indeed, a dog can moan in pain and in this case, you must consult your veterinarian to rule out any physical problems.

The little extra : know that some breeds are more expressive than others . I am thinking in particular of German Shepherds or Huskies for example which are real pipelettes!

My dog ​​is moaning: what to do?

The first thing to do is of course to make sure with your veterinarian that your dog is not in pain and that he is not expressing physical discomfort through moans.

If the medical reason is ruled out, then you can work on several points:

My dog ​​moans to get my attention

Personally, I noticed that my dog ​​started to moan when I did not take her out at the usual time . So, to overcome this, I voluntarily proposed outings systematically at different times so that she does not settle into a routine. I had to take it upon myself and systematically ignore her “requests” (which she voiced through whining).

To ignore a moaning dog is not to look at it, touch it or talk to it.

It is very important not to have any social interactions at this time because, even if you talk to your dog to scold him or ask him to be quiet: he will take this as a validation of his behavior and will repeat it.


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My dog ​​is moaning because he doesn’t get what he wants

In this case, you need to teach your dog to deal with his frustration as it is often because they are used to always winning their cases that they have a hard time dealing with their emotions when they are not getting what they want. ‘they wish.

We often tend to always make sure to satisfy our dogs and meet all their requests “to make them happy”, but it is clear that this does not do them any service in the long term.

A dog must learn that he will not always get satisfaction as soon as he wants it , you must always stay on the initiative and make your dog understand that it is by giving up that he will win and not by insisting.

Imagine two minutes if we, adults, had not learned to manage our frustrations… We would be constantly making whims like children who do not have their packet of candy in the supermarket. It would be unlivable on a daily basis for us, but also and above all for the people around us. Well, it’s the same for your dog.

He must learn to manage his frustration in order to integrate as well as possible into your home but also into society more generally.


My dog ​​moans because he is bored

There is nothing worse than a bored dog. To overcome this, it is not necessary to manage the problem when it arises but to ensure that the problem does not arise.

Clearly, you must offer occupations and activities to your dog regularly, daily and adapted to his expenditure needs so that he can evacuate his excess energy.

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Thus, extend the duration and / or the frequency and / or the quality of the walks, offer your dog a sporting activity such as cani-mountain biking for example, play with him fun and educational games, offer him occupations when ‘he is at home, regularly take little educational lessons by teaching him new funny indications to stimulate him mentally, etc.

What should be kept in mind when talking about spending your dog is that it is not enough to spend it physically. A dog will need to be spent, of course, physically but also and above all mentally and in an olfactory way.

My dog ​​is moaning because he is stressed

If your dog is moaning because of stress, it will be very important to understand the situations and environments that put him in this state and to do a job of trust and emotional rebalancing.

To do so, I recommend that you call on a professional dog behavior ( dog trainer or veterinarian) to help you in this process.

A dog can be stressed in a variety of situations and environments, but generally speaking dogs that whine from stress are dogs that cannot tolerate / accept loneliness and estrangement from their owner .

I therefore strongly invite you to work or rework the learning of solitude with your dog so that he can better experience your departures and absences.

For example, take short absences of a few minutes , isolate your dog in a room, train him to stay alone in a room, even when you are at home, do not allow him to follow you everywhere, make your departures positive with an occupy toy, don’t party it before you leave or when you come home etc.

Another example, if your dog moans during walks, in environments where he is not comfortable, try to deviate his behavior by offering him an activity that he likes, possibly modifying the environment (go in a quieter street if it’s the crowd that makes him moan for example).

The most important thing will be to work by immersion but above all in a progressive way so that he assimilates any stressful environments for him to something normal, current but above all positive.

The little extra : know that there are soothing pheromone diffuser collars , called Apaisine, offered specifically for dogs by the brand Adaptil, which can help your dog to better manage his emotions, and in particular his anxiety related to separation.

Final words and important recommendations

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