Netflix horror movies: which one will give you goosebumps?

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No more romantic comedies and movies with rose water… Tonight, you want to have goosebumps! La Loge Beauté has selected 5 Netflix horror films to watch as a matter of urgency. On the program, screams, bursts and shivers guaranteed! 

Finding a good horror movie is no easy task. Some are disappointing and others are absolutely not scary. To overcome this problem, the Beauty Lodge has made its selection of the 5 scariest movies on Netflix . But think carefully before you start, you may not sleep overnight … 

5 must-see Netflix horror movies

1- Hush (Not a sound) 

Directed by famous director Mike Flanagan in 2016, this Netflix horror film will have the desired effect: you will tremble until the final credits. 

It features a young deaf woman named Madison. She is working hard to become a writer. But unfortunately, one day, one of her friends is murdered when she comes to see her. Since Madison can’t hear, she can’t help him. The killer then understands her handicap and decides to play with her by traumatizing her, without her realizing that he is there. Keep your heart set on watching this movie until the end! 

2- Cabin in the woods 

Released in 2012, this film remains just as essential after all its years. It is even considered a gem of horror cinema… So, does that make you want? 

It tells the story of a group of students at the University, who go to the green in a cabin in the woods. But nothing goes as planned. The group of young people is attacked by zombies. And that’s not all ! Students are also victims of a group of individuals who manipulate them. 

Even if you are going to tremble from A to Z, don’t worry, telling yourself that zombies don’t exist !!  Little more: this film changes serial killers and pure violence …

3- Sheitan 

Are you not a big fan of horror movies? Try Sheitan. It’s a delicious mix of horror, comedy and thriller, which changes from the ordinary. 

Directed by Kim Chapiron, this film begins the old Christmas. 4 young people from the Parisian suburbs decide to leave the capital after a fight. They are then taken in by Eve, who invites them to the countryside, to her home. But you will quickly see that nothing goes as planned … And everything very quickly becomes worrying. So hang in there! 

4- The Purge / American Nightmare 

Although not highly rated by critics, this Netflix horror film won over many viewers. 

And for good reason, the story is as surprising as it is intriguing. The government decides that once a year, for 12 hours, residents can commit a crime, without risking any prosecution. In your opinion, how long will it take for chaos to be total? 

5- Lights out (In the dark) 

Lights Out is completely different from the ordinary. Directed by David F. Sandberg, it is a supernatural horror film. 

As incredible as it may sound, one woman sees the silhouette of another with claws, but only in the dark. When the lights are on, everything disappears. Faced with this hell, a whole family finds itself in turmoil …

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