Orphan socks: why do they disappear in the washing machine?

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RIDDLE – Your drawer and your dirty laundry basket overflowing with singletons? It is because you find yourself confronted with the syndrome of orphan socks. La Loge Beauté reveals all about this incredible mystery, as classic as it is strange! Big plan. 

Orphan socks: the mystery of the washing machine 

It is a universal phenomenon. Around the world, socks mysteriously disappear in the washing machine. You buy several pairs, and or after a few months, you only have one of the two.

How many socks do we lose? 

During a washing machine campaign, funded by Samsung, psychologist Simon Moore and statistician Geoff Ellis decided to conduct the investigation. 2000 British people joined in to get answers.  The result is clear: during his life, an Englishman loses more than 1,000 socks! This may seem like a huge number to you, but in reality a Briton loses 1.3 socks per month. 

But if you put all of Britain together, put end to end, that’s over 80 million socks lost every month. Stunning, right? 

Red and orange socks

But where do they go? 

Now that we all agree that the socks are dressed up during the machine! You have to know where they are going … 

Explanations more outlandish than each other 

Brothers and sisters who want to play a dirty trick on you. Black holes. Leprechauns kidnappers of socks. Parallel universes… On the net, theories as funny as they are far-fetched attempt to explain this curious phenomenon.  But unfortunately, the reality of orphan socks is much more rational. 


What science thinks

In reality, the disappearance of socks depends on your washing machine. Those with a window are particularly affected. If you overload the machine a little too much, the weight of your clothes will crush the plastic gasket that surrounds the drum. As a result, the socks can slide and tip over in the tub. 

So, if one day you have time and you know how to tinker, you can have fun taking your machine apart. Between the tank and the contour of the drum, you can find a whole bunch of socks or thin panties. 

How can you no longer have orphan socks? 

Rest assured, now that you have understood this phenomenon, you will be able to remedy it, and keep your pairs of socks. You just need to use a washing net . 

It is a small mesh bag, with a multitude of holes. They are large enough for your laundry to wash properly, and small enough that the laundry inside does not escape. So slip your underwear and socks into this magic net, never to lose any again!

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