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Panic attack: knowing how to anticipate and control it with complete peace of mind

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Sudden and uncontrolled anguish , a panic attack can happen anywhere and at any time. A panic attack is never trivial. The key is to determine the cause (s) in order to be able to anticipate and manage them as well as possible. Zoom !

What is a panic attack?

An accelerating heart rate, a shortness of breath, a panic attack does not prevent. At least as long as we are not aware that we are suffering from it. This hyperventilation is explained by the fact that the body seeks oxygen to fight against stress . The crisis often passes within a few minutes.

A panic attack can be so virulent that it sometimes leads some people to the emergency room, thinking they have a heart attack. Test results are normal most of the time. But it is always better to go this route because the doctor can legitimately think of a lung, heart, neurological problem or an asthma attack or hypoglycemia.

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What are the reasons for a panic attack?

Sometimes there is an anxious ground for panic attacks. 1% to 3% of the population suffers from it but the peak is often in adolescence (30%). You should also know that women are twice as affected as men. Some childhood anxieties come back and promote the development of panic attacks while growing up. The warning system becomes hypersensitive and spirals out of control.

1 time out of 3, the crisis remains isolated but a third of the patients recurrence. Others fall into a vicious cycle leading to agoraphobia (fear of others and public places). The person then watches for signs of stress and tends to reduce his activities so as not to have to face them.

How to calm down? 

Panic attacks are not serious, but runaway should be avoided. The important thing is not to get agitated and learn to control your breathing and breathing. We must consider various techniques, among those that work best: cognitive behavioral therapies have proven their effectiveness.

If this suddenly takes hold of you, sit down on the floor, try to breathe slowly, and think of something positive. Take the time to practice these breathing exercises regularly each day.

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Panic attack or spasmophilia?

The spasmophilia is less used today, but it is considered a form of special panic attack. The symptoms are specific to it: contractures, tingling … In this context, it would be a calcium and magnesium deficit which would add to the anxious ground. Some prefer dietary treatments that would not be 100% effective. For others, it would rather be a dysfunction not specifically linked to a deficiency.

Whether you are suffering from spasmophilia or a panic attack , it is important to understand the cause before considering treatment or therapy. Approach your doctor and don’t be afraid to open up.

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