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Are you a parent looking to buy a reading program for your child and struggling to choose between Reading head start vs Hooked on phonics… then you’re in the right place and you’ll determine which one is the best for you.

As a parent, i’ve really taken the time to thoroughly research this reading programs, the good and the bad of each program, and i’m happy to share everything i’ve learned and found with you so that you can make the right choice and choose the best reading program for your child.

In this article we will cover :

let’s get started, so…

What is Reading Head Start Program?

Reading Head Start is an electronic program designed to help your children improve their reading skills and learn new words to read. It is a simple yet well-designed approach that distinguishes itself from other learning resources for children. It is not like a typical school curriculum, which attracts a specific mindset of children based on their interests. In fact, it is a well-researched program that fosters a thirst for knowledge and a desire to read new and different things at a young age.

You can find more informations by watching the full 44 minutes Reading head start Program presentation video Here.

What is Hooked On Phonics?

Hooked On Phonics is a commercial brand of educational materials that was originally designed for phonetic reading education. It was first marketed in 1987 and used systematic phonics and scaffolded stories to teach letter–sound correlations (phonics) as part of early childhood literacy. Since then, the program’s materials have expanded to include a wide range of media, including books, computer games, music, videos, and flash cards. This brand’s target audience consists primarily of individuals and homeschooling parents. Throughout the 1990s, the product was heavily promoted on television and radio.

More informations on the official hooked on phonics website Here

what can each program offer?

in this chapter we will see what you’ll get when choosing one of this reading programs. the benefits of each program and all stuff that can help you choose the right program for your needs…so :

What you’ll get when buying Reading head start program :

the Reading Head Start program is really helpful for your child. This program is being used by thousands of children to develop their reading skills and there is no doubt that everyone has got a great benefit from it. Children who have used this program are found to have known more meanings of different words than the children of their own age who have not used any program as such.

This program also teaches the meanings of signs to the children that they see on roads, shops, shopping malls, parks, and other places. The most amazing thing about this program is that 30 days are more than enough as it will show its efficiency within that time frame.

the Reading Head Start Program consists of four different parts. Every level of that part comprises of the following elements:

  • An engaging reading content
  • Different activities and exercises related to that content
  • An attractive video that your child will definitely love to see
  • Worksheets that will help to enhance the cognitive abilities of your child

Once a level is completed successfully, a certificate is awarded to the child to encourage and appreciate him for his good work so that he starts achieving such goals again.

Without a doubt, this program was designed with children in mind, but it also has a lot of benefits for parents. You must be considering how it would benefit the parents, as it has been designed specifically for children, including those of a very young age. As a result, the answer to your question is self-evident. This program will instruct parents on how to properly train their children. It will show them what children of that age enjoy and like. It will also teach them what qualities to strive for in their children and what skills to teach at the appropriate age to ensure their long-term success and prosperity.

Because it has different levels based on your child’s age, as he progresses through the program, he will encounter the following engaging material:

  • You will find cards having attractive pictures on them
  • Cards having letters written on them are also there
  • Tools for the formation of unique letters are also given
  • There are cards that contain sounds as well
  • You will also find cards in it which comprises advanced phonics and irregular words

also, as a parent you’ll be get the following :

  • Being a parent, you should know the areas of interest of your children and how you should teach them new things. This program will let you know all such things so that you can provide a better understanding of your children regarding everything
  • It will teach you the way of communicating with your kids
  • It will tell you which qualities and skills should you try to create and develop in your child so that he can benefit from them for a longer time period
  • It teaches strategies of teaching your children in the right and effective manner so that they do not lose interest in reading
  • It will also create the ability in you to judge whether your child is learning something new or not when he is not or a little interested in something
  • Without much efforts, you will learn all the scientifically proven techniques of setting aside dyslexia in your child
  • You will get to know the ways of infusing confidence in your children at an early age so that they can get its advantage for their whole lives
  • Along with your children, your communication and linguistic skills will also be improved

What you’ll get when buying Hooked On Phonics program :

Hooked on Phonics guides you through a four-step process for teaching your children to read. The procedure is as follows:

  • Learn – fun videos, songs, and interactive activities are used to introduce children to brand new concepts.
  • Practice – kids can practice skills using activities, puzzles, games, and Practice Packs, which allow them to practice their writing skills.
  • Read – children can read physical books and eBooks that are specifically designed to draw on the skills they’ve been learning.
  • Celebrate – kids and parents can celebrate success using stickers, in-app rewards, and certificates.

With your Hooked on Phonics account, you can register up to three children.

The program is divided into eight levels. You don’t have to finish the whole thing; you can start from the beginning or use it to reinforce what your child is learning at school.

The Hooked On Phonics Reading program includes a TON of material, including:

  • 36 Original Storybooks written to reinforce the skills your child learns in the program, including 8 books written by award-winning children’s book authors such as Rosemary Wells and David McPhail.
  • 8 Workbooks that will guide you and your child through all of the lessons and many fun activities
  • Video streaming of all DVD and bonus content on MyHOP (available on any device)
  • 2 Sets of Letters and Picture Flashcards designed to reinforce letter names and letter sounds
  • 8 Sets of Stickers to proudly display in the workbooks and celebrate reading success.

Hooked on phonics APP

The app is available for Apple and Android devices, as well as on desktop or Amazon devices. Once it’s downloaded, you can use it offline.

You’ll have two options when you first open the phonics app: Pre-reader World and Learn to Read World.

The animations are bright and colorful, and the songs are catchy – it’s clear that this will appeal to young children.

Children are introduced to a new concept (in this case, the sound ‘A’ in the ‘Pre-Reader World’ level).

reading head start vs hooked on phonics

Then they’ll be given some simple games to reinforce what they’ve learned (in this case, they’ll be asked to drag objects beginning with the letter ‘A’ into a picture frame).

reading head start vs hooked on phonics

Children in the ‘Learn to Read World’ program learn new sounds and concepts (for example, words ending in ‘-at’ or other word alphabet combinations). They’ll also be exposed to a wider range of games.

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You can access books, games, songs, and rewards for each level at any time.

Gifts will be given to your child (like in-app stickers, and a certificate when they get to the end of their level).

The disadvantage is that switching between learning activities can take some time for the app to load. It also crashed once during our testing, which could have been due to the device we were using. Some parents have reported the same problem, and it’s possible that as the app is updated, it will become less responsive on older devices.

It is, however, a fun app with a good variety of activities that will keep your child occupied without becoming bored.

now that you know what you’ll get when bying each of these programs, lets dive now on the age ranges of each one so you can tell if it fits for your child.

Hooked on Phonics Age Ranges

“If your child is between the ages of three and eight and reading below a third-grade reading level, he should be ready to use this program, either to get ahead in his learning or to improve his reading skills,” according to Hooked on Phonics.

This assessment appears to be accurate based on my use of the app. And, because children develop at different rates depending on their age, they can move around the program to the levels that best suit them.

Is Hooked On phonics Good for Pre K?

Certainly! If a pre-reader still needs to learn the alphabet and letter sounds before diving in, the app’s “Great Reading Show” section is a great place to start.

The Level 1 workbook/DVD set is ideal for children aged 3 to 4, who are in the pre-reader, early emergent stage of reading. As a result, this age group is ideal for the app or workbooks.

Kindergarten Students Using Hooked on Phonics

The Hooked on Phonics box sets cover reading levels from Pre-K to Second Grade. The program would be beneficial to any Kindergarten student.

I believe that Kindergarten is the ideal target age for the app, so if you have a child in this age range, you should consider getting the app for them!

Hooked On Phonics For Adults

There’s no reason why the Hooked on Phonics program wouldn’t work for adults who have trouble reading or want to improve their reading skills.

An adult who wants to use the program can take advantage of the 30-day Hooked On Phonics trial to see where he or she fits in the program, and then purchase the appropriate Level.

Although the graphics and songs are designed to keep a child’s attention, it can be equally entertaining for adults and provide the reading fundamentals that anyone needs to become a great reader.

Reading Headstart Age ranges

The creators of reading head start program claims that the program works for children from 2 to 14 years. You must be wondering how your children would use that program at such a young age. How would they be aware of its navigation and use techniques? So there’s no need to be concerned about that. The authors kept in mind while creating this that they are doing it for small children.

As a result, they designed it in such a way that children can easily navigate it. Furthermore, the worksheets that have been added to it are simple yet captivating. Aside from that, the authors update their worksheets on a regular basis so that children can learn new and unique things in response to changing trends. This makes the program extremely user-friendly and distinguishes it from all other similar resources.

It has been claimed by the authors and creators of this program that this amazing program has been validated and proved in a scientific manner. Moreover, the data and knowledge that it contains is fully constructive. It also takes out the parents from their worriedness about their children’s future and their studies as well. Some of the qualities of this program are as under:

  • It is an easily understandable program
  • You just need to have 15 minutes for it
  • It has the ability to sharpen your kids’ cognitive abilities
  • It has been divided into four phases to make it clear and simple
  • It will make your child get successful at school and study without much effort
  • The best part of this program is that it will let him learn new languages and vocabulary

you must be wondering now, how much cost each program?

How Much Does Reading Head Start Cost?

This program is being offered in three different packages which are as follows:

  • There is a monthly package for which you have to pay $1 for 3 days trial, and once it ends, you will have to pay $37 per month
  • There is a flash sale as well which gives you access to this program for a lifetime at the cost of $297.
  • A deal called “Most popular” is also there for which you have to make a single time payment of $197 for a one-year subscription

The prices may change, Please click Here To check, or click the image below

reading head start price

Money Back guarantee:

The program also comes with a money back guarantee of 365 days. It ensures the confidence of the product that if you are not satisfied with the result, then you can claim for the refund. The author provides 365 days money back guarantee.

Where Can You Buy Reading Head Start From?

Reading Head Start is only available online. So, if you are willing to buy it after reading all of the above-mentioned advantages, then simply go to its website and place your order. The link has been given below:

Officiel website Link : ReadingHeadstart.com

How Much Does Hooked On Phonics Cost?

Hooked On phonics App + Practice Packs program is a monthly program that includes two components:

  • the award-winning Hooked on Phonics App ($6.99/month)
  • monthly Practice Packs mailed to your door, containing a new workbook, 2-3 storybooks and stickers to coincide with each lesson in the app and round out your child’s learn-to-read experience with hands-on materials ($6.00 plus $2.99 shipping and handling), for a total of $15.98 monthly.
  • You’ll have options to upgrade your App access to a 6 month or yearly subscription for additional savings

Don’t worry, you can try the Hooked On phonics For $1 the first month you subscribe…here’s your link

Where Can You Buy Hooked On Phonics From?

to check the prices, buy the product You can :

  • Go directly to the program’s Officiel website : Hookedonphonics.com
  • Order Product packs From Amazon simply by searching or by clicking the link Here (You can check Also People’s Reviews and get an idea of the program)
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