Relieve female ailments with evening primrose oil

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Originally from the North American continent, evening primrose oil was known to Native Americans who used it for its softening and anti-inflammatory properties. If the root was consumed as a winter plant, it appeared in the 17th century in Europe via ships from America. Zoom on this oil with multiple virtues.

What is evening primrose oil?

Evening primrose oil is a vegetable oil very influenced by the conditions of production. Native to the North American continent, evening primrose is a plant known and appreciated for its seeds which are used to make oil. This is rich in omega 6 and so-called essential fatty acids for the body.

The virtues of evening primrose oil

What are its virtues?                                                                

It has different virtues.

About the body

Evening primrose oil is a skin anti-inflammatory but also an antioxidant . This activity therefore helps protect cells against damage caused by free radicals. This antioxidant activity also helps to protect the cells of the cardiovascular system.

Orally, it can influence the improvement of dermatological conditions. To optimize its action, it is recommended to use it by the cutaneous route and by the oral route especially if your skin is tired, dry or in pain.

This oil is very useful especially for women . Its omega 6 content is of great therapeutic interest, especially for combating cardiovascular disorders, skin problems, symptoms of menopause and disorders related to the menstrual cycle. Of female phenomena which this oil makes great service.

On aesthetic features

Regular application of evening primrose oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes and improves skin suppleness. Rich in antioxidants, it fights against the signs of aging and helps maintain skin elasticity . It also protects skin prone to irritation or external aggressions by restoring the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Soothing and softening , it rebalances the water loss of the skin. Revitalizing , it regenerates the skin and maintains its tone.

Evening primrose vegetable oil is also known for its properties on dry hair or brittle nails . It is a real nourishing and beautifying mask also for colored hair. Attention, it is necessary to respect the recommended dosages when using food supplements.

Do not hesitate to get some to take care of yourself whether it is for your internal comfort or your physical appearance.

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