Silvotherapy: the art of being in harmony with nature to feel good

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Are you struggling to cope with your fatigue and stress ? Try sylvotherapy ! It’s a great way to improve your well-being , while also connecting with nature . Big plan ! 

Have you ever thought about doing a “forest bath”? If connect with nature in order to focus on oneself is the crazy bet of the supporters of the forest bathing . But does it really work? We tell you everything! 

What is sylvotherapy? 

The sylvotherapy comes from the Latin ”  silva  ” which means forest. It is an ancestral Japanese tradition which consists in entering into communion with the trees to fill up with energy and especially to stay in good health . 

The concept is very simple, just go for a walk in the forest , or in a place with trees and get in touch with them . On the program: touch them, feel their bark in your hands or even take them in your arms . 

For the followers it is ”  a peaceful moment , which allows to find peace and serenity  “. So, you have to try it, don’t you? In addition, you do not fear anything ! If you don’t feel the energies you will have a great time outdoors no matter what! 

The health benefits of forest baths 

Energy transmission 

Thanks to the energy and force of nature , the majority of people who have tried the experience feel soothed and in great shape ! Nature will help you circulate your energies and refocus you on yourself! Be careful, this is not about becoming selfish, but simply about succeeding in finding yourself ! 

Reduce stress 

The reduction of stress is the main benefit of the forest bathing!   Obviously, it will not be able to cure serious diseases , it is as a preventive measure ! But the practitioner will be by your side and will explain to you how to strengthen your immune defenses , thanks to trees! 

To take some fresh air 

Either way, a forest bath can’t hurt! It is essential not to spend the day in front of the screens and to take time to get some fresh air and to exert yourself physically. Georges Plaisance had proved that the air in the forests contained far fewer microbes than in the city! 

Sylvotherapy as seen by science 

For the Japanese researcher Quing Li , sylvotherapy really allows you to be less stressed and in better shape .  He also analyzed and compared the urine and blood of two groups of people, acting as a guinea pig for his experiment.
The first group lives in a city, and is only very rarely in contact with nature. The second is very regularly immersed in the forest and in daily contact with nature.  The results are clear: in the second group, the level of cortisol , the stress hormone is 12% lower than that of the group of city dwellers. 

Quing Li recommends in particular to connect to the trees for fifteen minutes , three times a week, to feel the beneficial effects of the silvotherapy . 

Good to know 

If you want to try this experience, all you have to do is find out about the place closest to you , to be able to commune with nature , or simply do it yourself , when you are near the trees . The concept is very simple!
You just have to watch out for ticks and itching ! It would be a shame to get Lyme disease .

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