Sophrology, what do you think?

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Stressed, nervous, on edge … Your daily life is gradually turning into a nightmare and you can no longer make ends meet ? Do not panic ! With sophrology , you will find the hair of the animal and feel good again in your body and in your head . 

Simple therapeutic technique or true philosophy of life ? The relaxation therapy will seek the harmonization of your consciousness . A great way to give yourself a boost and find some pep, naturally ! 

Sophrology, what is it? 

Set up by the Colombian neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo in 1960 , sophrology makes it possible to refine the state of consciousness , to get rid of even the deepest fears and to be able to do things oneself . It is a mixture of three techniques : oriental meditation , western relaxation and yoga. 

It is an exclusively verbal method , which will seek to act on both your body and your mind. The idea is to come out of there, in a state of almost absolute well-being . 

Sophrology, for whom? 

The sessions are aimed at all people who improve their living conditions , who want to feel a real feeling of well-being , both in their body and in their mind ! Sessions can also be offered to young children and adolescents ! Sophrology is not exclusively reserved for adults. 

Be careful, this is not medicine or something that will cure you ! Going to see a sophrologist is one more step in your personal development process that you will take. 

The different benefits 

I say stop to my anxieties

With sophrology, you will considerably reduce stress and anxiety . Thanks to the sessions, you will gradually succeed in letting go . Whether on a personal or professional level ! The idea is to manage to apprehend the various daily hazards as calmly as possible, to know how to face situations, even the most delicate. 

Sophrologists will give you suitable exercises to channel your mind and relieve nervous tension . You can finally say bye-bye to your anxiety attacks ! 

Get back to sleep 

The relaxation therapy will help people who are unable to get to sleep , either because of their anxieties, either because of an unhealthy lifestyle. When you are stressed, it is much more difficult to join the arms of Morpheus . Conversely, when we are relaxed, our body relaxes, our head too, and sleep comes more easily. 

What happens during a session ? 

A sophrology session generally lasts 1 hour and does not require any special equipment . Sitting or standing, everything will depend on your practitioner . 

You just have to choose whether you want to try the experience alone or in a group ! Know that on its own, the experience will be much more successful , since you will stop the sessions , than once your goal has been defined at the beginning ! 

The sessions will start with techniques to reconnect your body to your mind ! Then it’s basically abdominal breathing exercises and positive visualizations ! The idea is to make you feel a real moment of relaxation and well-being , with gentle methods . 

One thing is certain, as the philosopher Henri Bergson said: ” Man should put as much ardor in simplifying his life as he takes in complicating it . So why not try sophrology ? 

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