The 5 inconsistencies and disappointments of La Casa de papel season 4

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Broadcast since December 20, 2017 on Netflix, the Spanish series : La Casa de papel season 4 has been a dazzling success around the world. Fans are in for a treat following the adventures of The Professor, Tokyo, Rio, Denver and all the rest. But if we dwell on the fourth season, you will quickly notice that there were some inconsistencies and disappointments. Attention spoilers!

Casa de papel season 4: the 5 inconsistencies

1- The crowd in front of the Bank of Spain

Some regulars of the series had commented on this subject in previous seasons … How can the crowd be present in front of the Bank of Spain while the robbers are inside? Imagine a real heist. The police would necessarily have blocked and secured the perimeter around the bank.

Not to mention the fact that on several occasions there was an exchange of gunfire between the police and our favorite robbers. And miracle… None of the people in the crowd were hit or even killed. Ahhh, the magic of cinema !!

2- The Nairobi operation by video

Let it be said, whether they have used Skype, FaceTime or Duo: you cannot do a heavy operation on the lungs, after a gunshot wound, by following the instructions of a doctor by video conference. And what’s more, when you’re a robber, in the middle of a heist.

Even if we love La Casa de Papel and the teacher’s ideas, we must admit that this operation is still very far-fetched.The Nairobi operation in video

3- Gandía, the villain who does not die

During this fourth season of La Casa de Papel, there are numerous altercations between Gandía and the robbers. And you’ve probably noticed that this terrifying and surreal character gets away with it every time. Remember the episode where Denver and Rio find themselves trapped in the elevator, due to a grenade thrown by Gandía. Palermo and Helsinki, then Bogota and Stockholm come to the aid of their friends by shooting their assailant, who miraculously manages to escape, without a scratch. Rather curious, right?Video player

4- The character of Manila still too mysterious

You have undoubtedly noticed that a new robber, named Manila, has joined the Professor’s gang. If during the season we learn more about this character, many points still remain rather vague.

What will be his role precisely in this robbery? Does it have a link with Berlin as some fans of the Spanish saga assume? It will be necessary to wait for season 5 for this mystery to be (perhaps) revealed …Manila character

5- The unfinished end

Unfortunately, the end of this season 4 disappointed many followers of the series.   If Raquel (aka Lisbon) was able to get inside the Bank of Spain and escape the police, many questions still remain unanswered! How are the robbers going to get by? Will the Professor manage to escape Alicia Sierra? Or on the contrary will she end up allying with the Professor and his team? We will have to be patient and wait until the fifth season to have (finally) his answers.The unfinished end

If you haven’t seen this series yet, go to Netflix ! One thing is certain, you will be in for a treat.

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