The abandonment of animals: an act of punished cruelty!

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Each year, the number of abandoned animals increases considerably, especially during holidays. A cruel act punishable by law, which however does not seem to dissuade the masters. But what does the law say against abandoning animals? And what penalties can be imposed? Big plan ! 

100,000. This is the number of animal abandonments recorded last year. A colossal figure who despairs the Animal Protection Society (PPS) and all lovers of balls of hair … 

A law against the abandonment of animals 

The law is formal! Animal abuse and abandonment are considered acts of cruelty to animals. It is therefore severely punished by justice. 

What the Penal Code says 

Regarding legislation, article 521-1 of the Penal Code is very clear. It indicates that: “to  exercise serious abuse, or of a sexual nature, or to commit an act of cruelty towards a domestic animal, or tamed, or held in captivity, is punished by two years of imprisonment and 30,000 euros of fine . If the owner of the animal is convicted or if the owner is unknown, the court rules on the animal’s fate, whether or not it has been placed during the legal proceedings. The court may order the confiscation of the animal and provide that it will be handed over to a foundation or to an animal protection association recognized as being of public utility or declared, which may freely dispose of it. 

System flaws 

The major problem is that homeowners are not often sought and above all, maximum sentences are not often awarded. 

And even if the SPA is doing its maximum, unfortunately that is not enough. Countless numbers of dogs and cats remain in cages, waiting to find a home. So take care of your animal and keep it by your side, it will never abandon you. 

The main causes of abandonment 

If no reason justifies giving up, let’s try to understand the causes, to avoid them at all costs.  By digging a little, we quickly understand that the reasons are multiple. It can come from a separation, a divorce, a move to the other end of France or the world, financial reasons, lack of time, excessive reproduction … 

Still, getting a pet should be a carefully considered decision. Almost like having a child. You have to have time to give it, educate it, feed it and take care of it. 

Each summer, more than 40,000 dogs are abandoned on the roads, in gas stations or in the wild. However, there are dozens of ways to have it looked after while you are away: place it in a kennel, give it to a friend, a member of your family, a dog-sitter … 

The SPA: a daily struggle 

The missions of the SPA are diverse and varied. But one of the main things is to help abandoned animals. They are distributed among 63 refusals and SPA houses, a place where the teams take care of them and put them back on their feet. 

Be aware that an animal that lives in a house or apartment will have difficulty living outside for several days, even weeks or months alone. The teams will therefore have to feed them, treat them, vaccinate them and in many cases, socialize and educate them. And all this is extremely expensive … 

You can help and support the SPA, by doing so HERE . Know that all donations, even the smallest count. 

Lucette’s journey 

You all know Lucette, the mascot of La Loge Beauté. Well, imagine that it too has been abandoned.  I went to pick her up at the SPA when she was only 5 months old… Skinny and traumatized, she only asked to be loved. So do not hesitate to adopt a small ball of fur, for his greatest happiness, and yours!

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