Travel influencers: zoom on the best Instagram accounts!

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Nowadays, getting a plane ticket is no longer the only way to discover the world. On Instagram , thanks to travel influencers, you can travel the globe from the comfort of your sofa. Big plan ! 

Modern globetrotters grab a backpack, their phone and share their adventures with anyone who wants to follow them on social media. This week, La Loge Beauté unveils 5 Instagram accounts to follow, to choose your next destination! 

Travel influencers: the 5 accounts to absolutely follow 

1- Doyoutravel (Jack Morris) 

With 2.7 million subscribers and 850 photos, Jack Morris inspires young and old alike with his wonderful trips to the four corners of the world. Indonesia, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, Greece, French Polynesia, United States, Egypt, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore, Kenya, United Arab Emirates … No country or continent seems to resist it.

Little more: he shares all his trips with his partner, Lauren Bullen (aka @gypsea_lust). And their breathtaking romantic photos, in places all as heavenly as each other will make you want to go away for a few days with your other half. 

Doyoutravel (Jack Morris) 

2- Stevenherteleer 

Steven Herteleer gave up everything to make his passion, photography, his job. He divides his time between trips and photo shoots.  His pictures are worthy of the most beautiful postcards. Oceans, forests, mountains, seas, extraordinary landscapes. You will discover the most beautiful places on the planet as you have never seen them. 

So don’t wait any longer and join its community of 155,000 people, to the delight of your eyes . 


3- Brunomaltor 

Bruno Maltor has been a real globe-trotter for over 8 years. This young Auvergnat has a rather unusual background. He refused a CDI at TF1 to live off his passion and do what he loves in life: travel. 

He takes the time to discover the culture of the country in which he is, and above all, he soaks up the places as much as possible.  Between incredible encounters, good deals and galleys, you can find Bruno’s many adventures on his blog: Your Around the World . 


4- Theplanetd 

Have you ever heard of them? Dave and Deb are two influencers who travel the world. Since they started their Instagram page, they have visited over a hundred countries, and have crossed 7 continents. They follow their motto “ Anyone can go on an adventure  ” to the letter  , mixing delicious shots with humorous captions. 

So go ahead and follow them, it will be an excellent way for you to escape for a few moments from your daily life, while making you want to quickly jump on a plane. 

Theplanetd one of the best travel influencers

5- Travelmehappy

@Travelmehappy has been around since 2012. Thibault and Capucine are two French people living on the Côte d’Azur. Passionate about travel, they have decided to share the magnificent destinations with those who wish. Between sunsets and turquoise waters, the two bloggers regularly publish breathtaking photos. 

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