What do you think are the secrets to making a man in love?

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We all dream of a beautiful and tender love story worthy of a fairy tale. But unfortunately, the reality is often quite different and above all, less idyllic than in romantic comedies … However, with the right methods, we can get there. Zoom on the different tips to make a man in love! 

When you meet a man and love at first sight is almost instantaneous, you just want one thing: to be reciprocated! If not, don’t panic! We explain how to make your man addicted, so that he succumbs to your charm , without fear of a possible breakup. 

discover the secrets to fall in love with you

All the tips to make a man in love 

1- Don’t overdo it! 

As Alexandre Cormont explains , to make a man fall in love, you don’t have to invest yourself body and soul from the start. If you come across as the perfect woman, he might get scared and go off the rails, or you might be disappointed, because he isn’t as involved as you are. It is therefore necessary to apply to his couple the famous adage ”  run away from me, I follow you, follow me, I run away from you  “. 

For a relationship to work, it needs to be balanced. By being the only one to invest you, you risk losing it. So don’t overdo it and be yourself, and it is your jules who will come back to you little by little. It just takes a little patience. 

2- surprise him

Often, couples separate because of the routine, the weariness of everyday life. What if you regularly keep the flame alive by surprising him? 

Change your dress style from time to time, with an outfit that is out of the ordinary. Plan a romantic / video game night for him or watch a soccer game with him wearing a jersey. Try to invest in his passions. Obviously, the idea is not to change and that he falls in love with a person that you are not… You just need to have a little touch of madness so that he does not get bored , and that he does not look elsewhere. 

Surprise her man

3- Don’t be afraid of losing it

We often tend to panic as soon as our Jules speaks to us a little less, or that he moves away slightly …

Our fear of losing him turns our daily life into a real ordeal… and his too. So have confidence in yourself. He may just have worries that he’s trying to save you from. Even being in love, everyone has the right to have their secret garden. Show your other half that you are there, without oppressing them. He will speak to you in due course. 

Also note that, the more you are afraid that he leaves you, the more there is the risk of it happening. A man who feels oppressed often has a tendency to flee. 

4- Be comfortable with others 

Whether with family, friends or work colleagues, be comfortable! Show that you are not a vase and that you have different topics of conversation! Do not stay glued to him, and make a good impression on those close to him. One thing is certain, you will score points !! 

5- Find a place in your daily life 

To gradually become indispensable in his eyes and fall in love, you have to be part of your man’s daily life. Be careful, it is not a question of invading it, but just of being present. Slip a thing or two of yours home. Send him a sweet text when you wake up. Naughty little texts at night. Show that you’re there, without overdoing it. You will find the right balance. 

couple in love

6- Trust him 

It’s not always easy, but you have to trust your spouse. This is the key to a lasting and reciprocal relationship. If you start to spy on him, he will run away. When he tells you he’s going to his mate’s house, don’t try to stalk him and believe him. Passing for the hysteric on duty has never attracted a man. And even if it’s hard, take it upon yourself and talk it over with your girlfriends. But don’t overwhelm him with questions upon his return … 

Now you know how to crack men, and make them addicted! 

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