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Why do spiders scare us ?!

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If the fear of spiders makes some people smile, know that for others, it is a real nightmare! There is nothing very attractive about these furry critters that roam the walls or the floor and weave giant webs!

“Evening spider, hope! “,” Spider in the morning, grief! “ No matter what sayings or when you meet them, spiders freak out! And even the most reckless. Phobia of childhood reading or ungrateful physique, the fear of spiders is very present since 40% of us are more or less arachnophobic  ! In other words, scared at the sight of a spider. But why ? Zoom !

Where does the fear of spiders come from?

“Aaaaaaahhhh! “ This is the scream that grow the most mortified when people cross a spider, however small it may be. Often likened to stories of witches, these shadows with hairy legs crawl across the ground with rapidity. The fear of spiders , also called arachnophobia , is difficult to reason. Even without having had a frank altercation with this little beast! Remember a bite? Or a little glimpse of a specimen during a tent camping trip? There are many reasons to be afraid!

Few are dangerous spiders! Spiders do not bite humans or in this case, their venom is generally not poisonous to humans. At least this is the case in France. The most anxious of these little animals are not advised to go to Australia where they are dangerous and imposing! This little animal is much more fearful than aggressive, unfortunately the big animal that we are is often more frightened by the latter.

Scared woman covers her face with her hands

How to overcome your fear of spiders?

There are different ways to deal with your spider phobia .


You are not alone ! There are cognitive behavioral therapies to overcome your fear of spiders. A therapist can help you get rid of negative feelings about this. It will be important to tell the traumatic event that led you to this very usual phobia!

Exorcise evil!

Another technique is to write the word on a piece of paper! And yes, know that for some, this exercise is very difficult! You will then have to try to watch cartoons with spiders or films about them. Scientists have observed, through brain imaging , the activity of the amygdala (the area of ​​the brain that controls the emotional response). This comparison with the photos would reduce the activity of the amygdala the next day, when the person is confronted with a spider. The phobic patient would react less violently. Do not hesitate to take it slowly so as not to rush your progress!

Medicines for phobia ?!

Researchers are even trying to explore the possibility of drug treatment for this phobia. They also advise a confrontation with the beast as part of the treatment … At the University of Amsterdam, researchers even offer the administration of propranolol, often used to fight against hypertension. The product would inhibit fear in less than two minutes…!

If you too have a panic attack when you see a spider, consider taking a deep breath. And come to your senses: it will not be able to do you great harm, on the contrary, it will try to flee very, very far!

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